Set Up Speed Limits When It Comes To Your Kids & The Internet

Set Up Speed Limits When It Comes To Your Kids & The Internet

Moderation. It sounds easy, but when something becomes addicting it is hard to use self-restraint. One of the biggest addictions that is out there is our connection to our smartphones and tablets. Both adults and kids can fall into the trap of becoming fixated on our devices. As parents we need to teach our kids how to create a healthy relationship with technology. OurPact is the #1 Parental Control and Family Locator app on the market and can help create boundaries when it comes to the internet and smart devices. It is almost as if when you work with OurPact you can set your own internet “speed limits” for your kids. 

The OurPact cross-platform app not only puts you in control of how much time your kids can spend online, but just as importantly, what type of content and apps they can utilize. From text messages and app blocking to website filtering and locator abilities, you now have a wide-range of online management supervisory tools to keep your children safe from intrusive and harmful content. 

I spoke with Dr. Michael Meisinger from OurPact about the benefits families will have using OurPact. One of my favorite takeaways from that conversation is that OurPact will help your kids learn how to budget their time on a device. They will learn positive digital habits that they can use later in life when they are out on their own. If they have two hours a day on their device, they will learn how to budget their time effectively. Even parents struggle with being addicted to their devices. Our kids learn from our example…by our words AND actions. If they see us constantly checking our phone, they too think that is okay. We need to make sure we are following the internet speed limits as well. 

In addition to helping you and your family with how much time you spend online, OurPact recently updated their family locator feature. This update offers smaller geofences, a location history, as well as a timeline of location activity. It all adds up to make this the most dynamic and insightful version of this app to date. By adding live GPS tracking to this leading cross-platform app, parents are now able to get real time updates to the precise location of their family members. Parents can also create smaller, even more accurate geofences around any locations of interest such as schools, friends’ houses, and the family home so they know precisely when their kids arrive and leave those locations by getting an automatic notification sent to the parent’s device from OurPact.  

Another improvement is the location history tool which allows parents to see a 30-day historical breadcrumb trail of the exact routes and stops of each child’s device. So, it eliminates the guesswork of relying on communicating with kids and hoping that they’re being honest about where they’ve been. Now parents will truly know where their children have been before they even get home.

If you are getting your child a smartphone or tablet this holiday, make sure you give the gift of OurPact to you and your family. You can even try the OurPact app free for 14 days. After that you can use a plan that is right for you and your family. Another talking point from Dr. Meisinger that stuck with me is that parents are the number one defense when it comes to your kid and the internet. We need to talk to our kids about all the dangers as well as the positive things that come from our devices. 

As parents we should speak openly with their kids and educate them about the risks of social media and discuss the pros and cons of the internet. We need to make sure they get outside and play or go for a walk. Go on a hike with your family. Enjoy spending quality time together where the balance of using devices and being free of them is natural. We all need help and encouragement when it comes to this topic. OurPact is the right partner to help families create a healthy relationship with tech. To learn more about OurPact and to start your trial today, check out their site at 

Please note: I am working with OurPact on a sponsored campaign. I am receiving payment for my work, but my thoughts are my own.  

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