Stop Raising Your Voice, Stop Raising Your Blood Pressure

Stop Raising Your Voice, Stop Raising Your Blood Pressure

start yelling in frustration yourself It's easier said than done, right? You wake up with the best intentions, promising yourself it's going to be a calm, relaxing, stress free day...then happens. Things get a bit harried, the bickering starts, then the whining, then the screaming...until, you've reached your limit and start yelling in frustration yourself . 

Then the guilt sets in. You start feeling bad that you "lost it". You start feeling like you fell short of the mark, that holy grail of "patient parenting" styles you always imagined you'd pull off without a hitch.

After getting sucked into the vortex of the "parenting point of no return", you find yourself scratching your head, wondering what happened.

Life happened. Parenthood happened. Sibling rivalry happened. Trying to get the kids to the bus and yourself to work on time happened. Trying to get dinner on the table, get homework done and get everyone bathed before bedtime happened. Sassing happened. Disrespect happened. Reality happened. And it hit hard. It might have hit you right between the eyes. And it hasn't let up.

And if you were blessed with a child who's a bit more intense, or "bristly and brambly" than the average kid and takes you to task at this parenting business with the finesse of a seasoned pro, you're in for more than you bargained for. 

When no chart system, no reward system, no consequence system, no time-out program, no counting system, no multiple warning system, no standing on your head with your eyes squeezed shut while you count, "2...2 and-a-half...2 and three-quarters"... and the thousand other things you've tried just fall's time for reinforcement. 

A new approach that throws everything you've been told would work out the window...pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get ready to learn an approach that child development, neuroscience and a loving, calm approach...coupled with powerful strategies you can start to put into use today...then...then...the change will come. 

There's no such thing as a quick fix. Change won't come overnight...but it will come. And when it does, it will be longer-lasting and will stem from your child's inner motivation to change based on the relationship YOU WILL BUILD with your child once you know exactly how to respond, the things you can say and the ways you can scaffold and support true change. And while the behavior change is in the makes, we'll arm you with what you need to be able to manage it all. 

It's neuroscience made easy...with strategies that get the job calming ourselves down first and helping our kids learn how to do the same. Ahhhhhhhhhh...doesn't it feel better just imagining a better day on the home front? We thought so, too...

The Joyful Parent It's why we created The Joyful Parent . And it's available now for the last time this year, at special pricing (which you'll never find lower)...and it comes with our iron-clad, money-back guarantee...which makes it no-risk to try. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

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