Safe Rx Locking Pill Container Is A Life-Saving Tool For Parents

Safe Rx Locking Pill Container Is A Life-Saving Tool For Parents

When you become a parent, you start to think about “baby proofing” your home and how to keep your child safe from dangers. As your child grows, the dangers they encounter change and so do your “child proofing” techniques. One such concern is keeping family members safe from prescription medications. That is why I am happy to partner with Safe RX, a four-digit combination locking pill container that every parent should utilize. It is a wonderful tool to help prevent accidental ingestion of prescription pills by young children and intentional pilfering by teenagers.

It is so easy to think that bad things will never happen to us but as my grandmother used to tell me, “It is better to be safe than sorry.” Accidental ingestion of prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications can ruin lives. It is shocking but, nearly 60,000 U.S. children are accidentally poisoned by medication every year! Even more shocking? Child resistant prescription bottles aren’t doing enough to secure medications and keep kids safe. In fact, 45 to 55 percent of accidental medicine poisonings involve child-resistant packaging. More has to be done to prevent easy access to medication. That is why the Safe Rx Locking Pill Containers were invented.

The beauty of a Safe Rx Locking Pill Container is that it protects both very small children and older children as well. It has a combination lock that keeps medicine safely stored for use only by the intended person. Sad but true- teen drug abuse and addiction often starts in the family medicine cabinet. If fact, according to, “almost four in ten teens (38 percent) who have misused or abused a prescription drug have obtained them from their parents’ medicine cabinet.” It is important to keep our teens safe from prescription drugs as 90 percent of abusers start in their teens. Getting past this vulnerable period is crucial. Opiate addiction is a real problem and we have to help our kids avoid accidental overdose through talking to them about drugs and by removing improper access to medicines.

Safe medicine storage is essential to protect young children from accidental ingestion. It is also essential to prevent prescription drug addiction that can start in young people with an easily accessible medicine cabinet where pill theft may go unnoticed. The simple Safe Rx® patented locking pill bottle offers an effective solution by deterring improper access to unsecured medications.

The problem of prescription drug abuse is real. You need to know you are doing your part to prevent it as well as accidental medication poisoning so you can have peace of mind. SAFE RX lockable bottles have a security lock combination wheel. This one small extra step for safe keeping can help save lives.

The Safe Rx Locking Pill Container utilizes four-digit locks with over 10,000 possible combinations. The tamper-evident and pilfer-resistant locking pill bottles are designed to be easy to use while providing safe medicine storage. You just align the right combination and lift the RX locking cap off of bottle with no twisting involved. Great news for senior citizens is that in needs no extra hand strength and is easy to open. Once you have taken out your pills, you can simply place the lid back on and scramble the combination lock. It only adds a few seconds to your routine and it keeps opioid medication out of the wrong hands. The Safe Rx Locking Pill Bottle really is a life-saving tool that every parent should utilize.

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If you only use your safe RX locking pill bottle cap on occasion, you could end up with the situation where you have forgot the combination. To avoid a forgotten combination, you can register your 4-digit code on the safe-rx website. Or be sure to write it down and place it in your files for reference later.

Were you aware that accidental poisonings were such a problem? It is so sad to think that drug addiction for teens could start at home. Did you know about the Safe RX combination lock pill bottle? It is so nice to have a simple solution available. I would love your help spreading awareness on social media by using the share buttons. Thanks! Let me know if you have any questions about the locking pill bottles or why locking medicine up safe is important!

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