Being a Practical Parent: 3 Things We All Need in Place

Being a Practical Parent: 3 Things We All Need in Place

If we are to be effective parents, we’ve got to be practical. Ensuring that we stay practical is not always so easy, because there are going to be external forces that cause us frustrations in every part of our life.

Parenting is one of those skills that we will never quite master, however, it can help us to discover ways to be more practical and pragmatic when there are problems beyond our control. What does it take to be a practical parent?

The most important thing we can do as parents is to be prepared for whatever occurs.

And for example, if you are living in neighborhoods that are prone to natural disasters, intermittent power cuts, or even water issues, these are all things that we don’t have control over, in theory, however, we can have practical resources at hand here.

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As parents, we don’t always recognize what our gut is telling us. As it can be overwhelming to think about every single permutation of a problem, to be practical, we’ve got to trust what our instincts are telling us.

Ensuring that we are more practical parents means that we’ve got to be aware of what potential problems are, which means that we need to be schooled up in the potential problems that parents face, such as misbehaving children or an older child that is going off the rails.

However, there will be times when the handbooks cannot teach us everything. We cannot rely on what so-called experts tell us all of the time, which is why trusting your instincts is a very good litmus test, especially when something is happening to our children that we cannot put our finger on.

To be a practical person, we’ve got to learn from our mistakes. Ensuring that we do this in the right ways is about recognizing that we’ve got years of experience and we can use this.

Many parents can feel overwhelmed and not have an answer, which is why trusting your instincts is crucial but also recognizing that you have a lifetime of experience that will serve you well during tough times. 

The toughest thing about being a parent is that we can feel our sense of overwhelm get in the way. Everyone can feel overwhelmed as a parent, which is why when there are external forces at play you must recognize, but in order to be a practical parent you’ve got to understand the difference between emotion and pragmatism.

When you feel emotionally invested in something like your child, this can cloud decisions. This is why, when we are trying to be more practical parents, we’ve got to get the balance between the head and the heart right.

We all feel that there’s a lot that we have no control over, but if we are to be effective parents, we will always feel that struggle between the two.

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