'Why we want to thank our teachers'

'Why we want to thank our teachers'

Lockdown learning was hard for many students. 

We suffered from a lack of focus, struggled with motivation and had to stare at a screen for hours at a time. Even our favourite subjects seemed boring. 

Our mental health declined rapidly, grades stopped going up, and valuable information may have been lost forever. Children who needed extra support failed to get it.

Through all of this, our teachers and the support staff at Kingsdale remained a constant and tried their best to push through, even in the worst of times. 

Many teachers recognised the importance of regular breaks. Others tried to add creative elements – such as performances and art projects – to an otherwise dull lesson environment. 

PE teachers gave us apps and other resources to keep us exercising. The number of interactive competitions and things to get virtually involved in was endless. We even produced a lockdown poetry anthology.

This is why Kingsdale Foundation School has decided to get involved in national Thank a Teacher Day. We believe it is important to recognise the difficulty teachers have gone through to support students during this difficult and strange time, and reward their resilience.   

Thank a Teacher Day took place 23 June. To celebrate, students sent digital gratitude cards to their teachers and support staff, and came to school in sparkly clothes. There was a special assembly after school where teachers received their thanks. 

We spoke to some of our teachers about what Thank a Teacher Day means to them. Mr Dobson, a maths teacher, said that lockdown was hard on him because he had his own children to look after as well as having to teach. 

He said that because of the lockdown, “parents might have a greater understanding of what teachers are going through”. He said he is glad to be back in school, where it’s easier to tell what students are thinking and how they are feeling.

Miss Smith, an English teacher, said: “I think this opportunity to thank the teachers who have worked hard to ensure students don’t fall behind is fantastic.”

Miss Smith also believes students have had a challenging time over lockdown and said that the gratitude shown to teachers should be reciprocated to students.

A third teacher, Miss Evans, when asked how she coped with lockdown, replied: “By going for many walks and taking time away from a screen.” The students helped many of the teachers to get through the period and remain positive.

Like many of us, being stuck indoors on a computer was not only a bore but an eye strain. After returning to school, Miss Evans said: “It made me realise how much I missed being in the classroom.” 

This was the truth for many people – students and teachers alike – as they readjusted from home learning, where many were unable to receive all the support they needed.

“My experience over lockdown has made me value the teachers more because I now know how hard they had to work,” said one Kingsdale student.

This, we think, reflects the views of most students, how they feel about their teachers and the effort they have put in for our benefit. They very much deserve the many thank you cards they have been receiving from students across the school.

So, as a school, we would like to thank the many teachers and support staff in Kingsdale – and across the world – for their hard work during lockdown.

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