4 Tips for Helping Your Teen Learn Important Social Skills

4 Tips for Helping Your Teen Learn Important Social Skills

As your children reach their teen years, they become more aware of themselves and others. An important part of developing this awareness and growing up is learning valuable social skills to carry you into your adult and professional life.  Conversely, a lack of social skills can often become a hurdle in obtaining success. It’s important to understand how to interact with others starting at a young age. 

The following are some of the important tips that you can help teach your teen to learn about social skills that will help them later in their life.

Your teen should practice their conversation skills by staying engaged with others like family, friends, schoolmates, and teachers. Your teen can set small goals for themselves to reach out to others around them and initiate conversations. By interacting with everyone around their life, your teen can build relations for the future as well. For example, regular interaction can help teens to communicate properly, find different ways to lengthen the conversations with acquaintances, and to learn more about what is going on within the general environment around them.

Teach your teen about the importance of maintaining eye contact when having any type of conversation. Encourage them to set a goal to hold eye contact for 3 to 5 seconds when talking to someone. They can practice this with a friend they feel comfortable around first. This is a general etiquette tip that they can use in any social setting, since it indicates that they are paying attention to what the other person is saying.

To stay connected with others, teach your teen to ask open-ended questions. This can be helpful to allow them to obtain insights about the other person and broaden their way of thinking. If your teen is having a hard time improving their social skills and conversation abilities, you may refer to courses such as SEL lesson plans. It is an easy way to help anyone acquire and apply knowledge that can help develop strong relationships. Having good conversation skills and the ability to carry on a conversation is something that takes practice.

One of the best tips for learning about social skills is to pay close attention to body language. Non-verbal communications are indeed critical. Your body language reflects your personality. Teach your teen about ways to be aware of their body language and the body language of others. They can understand how to pick up on valuable cues based on others’ body language.

Also, because of this, it’s important to learn how to stay relaxed, make eye contact while communicating, and always keep yourself open to share with others.

There are many social skills that are acquired over time through observing others around you. However, some social skills need to be taught. As a parent, make sure your teen is ready to enter the real world and understands the skills needed to interact with others and be successful.

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