5 Reasons to Install Learn It 2 Earn It on Child’s Device

5 Reasons to Install Learn It 2 Earn It on Child’s Device

Does your child have a phone? According to Panda Security, the average age a child gets a phone is age 10 and spends an average of 21 hours on it. Normally, there would have been no reason for my son to have a phone before the age of 10. But after my divorce, I got him a phone so that he can use it to talk to his dad and take it with him so that I can talk to him too. His phone is locked down using parental controls and I have to approve anything that he watches, downloads, or does on his phone. When I discovered Learn It 2 Earn It, I knew that this is an app that I needed to install on my son’s phone.

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should install Learn It 2 Earn It on your child’s device, whether it be a smartphone, iPad, or tablet. You can find this app for IOS and Google Play.

Simply download the Learn It 2 Earn It app and follow the step-by-step prompt to install your child’s profile on their device. Apple uses MDM, “Mobile Device Management”, to allow devices such as your child’s smartphone or iPad to have restrictions set up. LI2EI uses MDM to lock your child’s app access and also limit your child’s access to browsing the web. Not only does it block your child’s access to browsing web content, but it also disables the apps installed on the device until your child has earned screen time.

Note: Android has a similar way to manage their device using an app like Learn It 2 Earn It. I’m just not familiar with it because I no longer have an Android Device for testing purposes.

In the past, I have had to take all forms of technology away if I wanted my son to study or read after school. Technology is a great tool and having to take it away, can take away apps that make learning fun. Once I installed Learn It 2 Earn It app on my son’s phone, he had to study or read in order to earn time to play games or watch videos of kids playing with toys. Like I mentioned above, the LI2EI app blocks out the distractions and apps until he has completed assignments in exchange for free time.

One of the greatest rewards that I have seen from the Learn It 2 Earn It app, has been an improvement in his grades. The app allows you to set your child’s profile to the appropriate grade level that your child is in. Then they have to complete modules to free earn time.

Teachers recommend that kids read a minimum of twenty minutes a day. Reading is an essential skill that will benefit your child beyond high school or college days. Most kids don’t enjoy reading for pleasure and I love how the LI2EI app encourages them to read in exchange for freetime.

The cost of Learn It 2 Earn It is affordable, even if you have multiple children in your household. Technology gives kids access to learning material at their fingertips. But it also exposes them to potential content that they have no business learning about. This app not only encourages education over free reign on their smartphone, iPad, or tablet but it also blocks content that they shouldn’t be accessing. Plans start at $7.99 a month for one child and it is $29.99 for families with 4 to 6 children. They do bill in yearly installments.

Kids have access to technology at an early age compared to previous generations. While technology is beneficial, it isn’t ideal for your child to spend hours upon hours watching a screen. Your child needs to focus on other areas such as playing outside, socializing with their peers, enjoy craft time, learning how to bake, use their imagination, and more.

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