23 memes that every parent struggling right now deserves to see

23 memes that every parent struggling right now deserves to see

Get ready for some much-needed waterworks (you'll thank us for the purge!). The fact is, you're all doing the impossible, even if you don't hear it often enough.

After more than a year of the anxiety and uncertainty of a global pandemic, Canadians are in the midst of a vicious third wave, some living under states of emergency, curfews, lockdowns and new rounds of virtual schooling. It’s not OK, and we’re not OK, and parents are still trying to figure out how to juggle our kids’ schooling and concerns about their mental health, our own jobs, housework, financial insecurity and our own sanity. It’s hard to believe we’re still here.

In the frenzy of it all, it’s easy to forget that it’s an impossible ask, and if our kids are alive and fed, we’re managing any work and our homes are standing, we’re doing what we need to do. So while it won’t offer you childcare or empty the dishwasher, we’ve rounded up a few memes that will hopefully remind you that you’re doing your best, and it’s extraordinary.

So grab a tissue, lock yourself in the bathroom and read on. We’re all in this together.

If you don’t feel rejuvenated after a trip to the grocery store, there’s a good reason:

BUT if a long shower if your version of self-care, that’s great, too:

It’s hard AF, and we need to say it sometimes:

You’re perfect just the way you are:

We see you:

Nobody has it all together:

We could all use a lot more of this:

How about none of us have to do it, is that an option?

Exhausted just looking at this:

Productivity comes in so many different forms:

New moms, post this one on the fridge:

Your best is enough, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise:

We’re all in this together:

And now it’s been more than a year, but this is as true as ever:

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