13 questions for kids to get them talking and thinking

13 questions for kids to get them talking and thinking

Do you often find yourself wanting to strike up a conversationwith your kids but not entirely sure what to ask them to get the ball rolling? It’s at times like this that it would be handy to have a list of questions for kids handy stuck up on the fridge, wouldn’t it?

Did you know that according to research, better conversations at home improves our children’s brains? As this Harvard review says:

“Don’t just talk to your child; talk with your child. The interaction, more than the number of words a child hears, creates measurable changes in the brain and sets the stage for strong literacy skills in school.

As the founder of KidCoachApp, I am super passionate about helping parents get their kids “talking, thinking and feeling”!

I’ve created a novel and effective way to do this, simply by teeing up questions that launch quick and fun conversations! What is great about these is that they specifically target the “softer” skills the next generation will need – creativity, critical thinking, resilience etc

Below are a few examples of questions for kids that do this, but there are loads more questions for kids in the “KidCoachApp”, downloadable from your usual app store (takes seconds to start a 2 week free trial, no card details needed).

Hope these questions for kids gets your children talking and whets your and their appetite for more.

There are hundreds more questions for kids in the App where we also flesh out each question in a fuller conversation card, complete with guidance and prompts. See this example here for a bonus Creativity question: “What are 10 things we can do with a cup?”

Remember – these are some of the KEY skills our kids will need to thrive – and as a parent, you can start making a difference immediately, with daily five-minute conversations like this.

Hope you have a great conversation with your child today!

Kavin Wadhar is a London dad of two and founder of KidCoachApp, which empowers parents to develop soft skills in their kids, by providing lots of 5 minutes of conversation starters. Connect here on Instagram.