Why parenting feels too hard sometimes

Why parenting feels too hard sometimes

There’s no harm in admitting it! It’s true, sometimes you just struggle to be a parent. Sometimes parenting feels too hard and moves way too fast, and you find it hard to keep up and be that strong and supportive mum you always have been. You find yourself reaching out for the answers in ways you never have before, and you’re just not sure when you’re going to feel like yourself again. 

But what is it about parenting that sometimes pushes us over the edge like this? Why do we find parenting too hard sometimes, and much manageable in other moments? Well, there are quite a few reasons. 

Even in the toughest jobs in the world, after a few hours, you get to take a break and have a snack and a sit down. But when you’re a parent, this is impossible! You can never take time for yourself, because your kids need you, and seeing as you’re the one who brought them into this world, you owe it to them to always be available. Even the thought that parenting feels too hard sometimes and wanting to take a break fills you with the dreaded mum guilt.

A change in the family can do a lot to the structure of your days and your bond, and that can make parenting incredibly difficult to keep on with. You yourself might have suffered a loss or a separation, and while you’re in touch with someone like spodek law group, you have to be the same mum to your littles ones as you always were. Something’s got to give here! 

Dealing with a change in the family, even just as simple as your child’s change of attitude (they are in their teens now, after all), can make you question your parenting skills. Your little humans could start shouting at and acting differently, but it’s important to not take things like these personally. They’re going through a difficult period themselves, and what this needs now is some compassion and understanding. 

The responsibility of being a parent can be unbearable sometimes. You’ve got a lot to juggle all at once, and you’ve got the expectation from everyone around you of being a good parent too, even if they’re not one themselves! You’ve got so much to do for and teach your kids, to ensure they grow up to be good, well adjusted people, and even just thinking about failing that can make you want to break down and cry. 

However, it’s important to remember that you are not the only parent who thinks parenting feels too hard sometimes. You’re not alone in this at all, and you’re certainly not the first to worry about this. I know because I’ve been there a thousand times over!

But you knowyou’re doing your best, and you know your kids are good people right now, and all you’ve got to do is follow your instincts. Of course, easier said than done, but it’s the simple truth. 

These are the most common issues with parenting; are you able to identify with them? I’m pretty certain there’s a good chance that you can!

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