10 things parents hate about the school run

10 things parents hate about the school run

Could there be anything more stressful to start your day than the dreaded school run? It’s no wonder that there are so many things parents hate about the school run. But now, worse than that, new research plastered over the media last week says that British parents spend nine weeks of their lives doing the school run. Gah! Somebody save us!!!!

Apparently over a third of mums and dads said dropping the kids off at schoolis the most stressful part of their day, according to the research published by SKODA. But if you think you’ve got it bad, spare a thought for the school-run faced by the Jones family from Pontrhydfendigaid, Wales, who have been in the news the last week because their school run is believed to be the UK’s most extreme!

Check this out folks – the family’s unpredictable journey can take anywhere from 25 minutes to two hours to complete – depending on weather conditions and cattle on the loose. NOOOOOOOOO! Worse yet, in some kind of cruel school run joke, the dad – as part of his school run duty – is regularly found with his chainsaw clearing away felled trees that block the family’s path to school. Holy moly!

So in solidarity for the woes of the Jones family, here’s a little tribute to them in a round up in no particular order of 10 things parents hate about the school run as contributed by some fab fellow parenting bloggers:

Once you’re ready, it’s fine – but getting everyone clothed, fed and in a coat is a huge battle. Having to repeat yourself over and over yet they still come down in a fancy dress costume of some sort!

When they manage to step in it/ride through it. Bleurghhh. Love dogs, but the owners who don’t clear up after them? Grrrr.

It always rains when you’ve left your coats at home! You arrive looking like drowned rats whilst everyone else looks smug/snug and dry! You also manage to fall in all of the sodding puddles on the way and get splashed by all the mahoosive cars! Failing that, it’s pretty much guaranteed to rain at that exact moment you leave the house to do the school run and then you have at child umbrella speed which is about 2-3 times slower than norma, so you either have to leave early or end up arriving late.

Being thirty seconds late, and the other parents pointedly looking at their watches and smirking.

Dodging the cars that all turn into maniacs as they try and find car parking spaces down the road – some are parents and some are commuters who want to use the tube station!

The combination of a toddler who drags along looking at every stick and leaf in great detail and the school child who zooms too far ahead on his scooter. You end up finding yourself completely alone, at a loss as to weather to wait for the toddler (and risk the wraith of the parents the older child has nearly knocked over on his scooter) or try to catch up with the school child (and have another parent discover the toddler alone, eating leaves).

Looking like a right lazy munter when all the other mothers have got a full face of make up on.

People cycling on the footpath when there’s clearly a bicycle lane, parents talking on their phone while they children linger way behind or WAY in front so much that they miss being run over at crossings. Parents blocking gates while talking in groups. The list goes on.

The full on melt down when you’re trying to get out the door and you’re screeching at them to hurry up and, then trying to drag them all there usually with toothpaste down your chin and a pajama top on underneath the coat. The school run feels like it ages you by at least a year each day!

You’ve battled to get there on the time, you are about to let out of a sigh of relief when no!!!!! you realise that thanks to your befuddled melted mum brain(or dad brain for that matter) you’ve forgotten their book bag/that it’s non uniform/bake sale/show and tell day ARGHHHHHHH!

What do you hate most about the school run? Do leave a comment and vent below! And for more school run musings check out this post on the different types of school parents you can expect on the dreaded school run.

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