Creative Ways to Preserve Your Baby’s Memory Forever!

Creative Ways to Preserve Your Baby’s Memory Forever!

When the baby arrives, they grow up way too quickly and it’s often hard to remember or save all the moments along the way. Take a stroll down memory lane with your children by unfolding experiences you’ve carefully preserved over time. They will love seeing themselves as children and will marvel at their mommies and daddies looking as youthful as they do now.

With the advancement in technology, it has become easier to capture and preserve memories. We believe the both physical and digital mementos deserve to be remembered. You can either save and note down details at every moment or each calendar year you can organize and collect all those memories the family racked up over the past year — milestones, memories and creative projects. There are parenting moments that are difficult to get through and others that are so precious that you wish you could freeze time. Here are ways to save all your baby memories so you can cherish them for years to come. 

There is something amazing about having a photo album that can flip through whenever you like. You would normally see first milestones like first baby steps, first tooth, first birthday, first solid food, first crawl and so much more. Moments like these were used to be immortalized through printed photos and are normally placed in frames or kept in photo albums. The beauty about it is that you can get creative and there is no limit! A physical photo album is a great way to preserve memories even with the advancement of mobile phones. 

Most of the time recording memories is usually done with our own camera or video recorder. You can also consider hiring a professional photographer to mark those special occasions of your kids or even when family gets together. By doing this you can have a higher quality of photographs for display. You can either go to a studio and get your family portrait clicked or you can also hire a photographer to come to your home. Many lovely moments can be captured and you might be surprised how it can bring out your child’s personality and family dynamics in ways that your phone photos cannot. The arrival of your little is one of the most important and happiest events in life, and that’s why everyone wants professional images to immortalize it. If hiring a professional is out of your budget, here is a guide in capturing the new family member. 

Another beautiful way to preserve memories is to make keepsakes of moments in your child’s life. Childhood keepsakes are treasured forever and sometimes even passed down through generations. People all around the world get creative and find different ways to preserve those special memories. Arts and crafts, journaling, scrapbooks, are just a few ways you can use to capture priceless memories. 

Creating a baby book is one way you can preserve memories and moments of all the minute changes that take place in your baby’s life. Whether you want to document an entire year, record the events of the birth date itself or share your personal words of wisdom, there are endless baby book ideas to select from. From pre pregnancy to their first ABC’s your memory can consist of different types of milestones and moments that you want to treasure for life.

With the help of the internet you can now store photos and videos of your little baby. With the help of mobile phones it is now easier and quicker to take multiple photos of your little one. Social media has also been useful in saving images online. You can share them with your loved ones and the people who are important to you. Don’t forget to tweak your privacy settings to control who gets to see them!

You can cherish and save moments in every creating way possible. One of the ways is to use devices that are user friendly such as your mobile phone, a digital camera or a video recorder. Mobile phones are the easiest access to taking a video of your little at the right moments. Digital cameras may have lenses and lighting options that are not available on your cell phone camera which can be quite useful in terms of the quality of your videos and photos. Compiling all the videos into one clip can be a great way to see how your child has grown to be the mature adult they are now. It can also be a good gift for family members or to your child itself.

From Christmas tree decorations to canvas prints, you’ll have a permanent reminder of how tiny your soon-to-be bigger toddler really was. These make great gifts for relatives, too. They’re easy to use, provided those little toes and fingers uncurl for long enough.

Videos and photographs aren’t the only ways to preserve baby memories forever. Each of mine have a memory box where I put things I think they might be interested in when they’re older including ticket stubs of surprise road trips, birthday cards, soft toys, favourite blankets and school reports. It’s a great way to chart the adventures we’ve had and to keep the memories alive.

Well, I’m sure you know that kids grow up very quickly and often grow out of their clothes. Instead of storing them away in the basement, you can make a quilt out of it by stitching all their old clothes. It’s a great memory to have to see all the little onesies every now and them to reminisce about the younger days.

If you’re crafty and motivated, you can do a combination of all the above ideas into one treasure box.