How To Love Your Parents

How To Love Your Parents

Growing up, I was always really hard on my dad, because he was very hard on me.

We would argue and argue and argue about who was right. All the time.

What it came down to was:

Now, at 21, on the other side of the puberty machine, I realize that adulthood is not a destination…

As a society, we prize those able to achieve one great thing in their lives…

But even the best humans are far from perfect.

Getting close to it is so unlikely, you became famous if you get there.

Thank you for asking… let me tell you.

I was recently introduced to the idea that we are all perfect already, becoming even more perfect (by this guy)- and I think it applies very well here.

Your parents had you. There’s a ton of shit that has to go right for that to happen. Accomplishment #1, checkmark.

And then they raised you… and if you’re reading this, you probably are trying to better yourself.

Heck, you can even read.

If your parents raised you into someone who wants to improve in life, they’ve done a pretty amazing job… don’t you think?

What I’m starting to realize is that this life thing is so hard to figure out myself…

How can I figure it out well enough to teach someone else to do it?

If you’re stuck in the “my parents suck and their best is still shit” mindset, let me help you along…

Growing up, my Dad and I argued ALL the time.

I mean, all the time.

I would always get so angry about it.

I would always get so mad at him about it.

Your parents have given you so much.

Instead of looking at all they’ve fucked up…

Bring your attention to literally every gift you have in your life…

Because without your parents…

You couldn’t have any gifts at all.