Does parenting ever get easier? The truth revealed...

Last updated: 01-19-2021

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Does parenting ever get easier? The truth revealed...

Many of you read with trepidation my recent post Being a parent – does it ever get easier – where I called for you, my readers, to cast the bull*** into the wind (hopefully for it not to fly back in our faces), and be honest about whether YOU have found parenting ever gets easier as time goes on as so many people just love to tell us.

So I tallied all the responses I received on the blog and my social media and, well, I’m sorry to say that the wind was not blowing in the right direction.

Now don’t shoot the messenger but take a look at the results below…

As for the 8% who say that yes, it does get easier all I can say lucky buggers! Whatever you drink every morning when you get up..I want some of that!

As for the 53% who said no, it doesn’t get easier…I kind of hate you right now, you have burst my bubble and along with it all my hope but you have at least taught me to better enjoy the present because any challenges and worries now will only be swapped for other challenges and worries; and so for that I thank you, and also for your wonderful honesty. Truly.

Lastly, the 39% who seem to be totally in the dark about this, who don’t know and who are holding onto hope that it does in fact get easier, well this may indeed be indicative of my readership (i.e. other parents fumbling around for the answer). You may very well decide that it is best to remain in ignorance and pretend that you never in fact read this blog post.

So do the results surprise you? Or are they pretty much as you thought (or feared) they would be?

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