Are your limiting beliefs stopping you from being a better parent and person? (motherhoodtherealdeal)

Are your limiting beliefs stopping you from being a better parent and person? (motherhoodtherealdeal)

I want to start this post about limiting beliefs about a funny conversation I had with my husband the other day when I saw a picture of a dandelion. I said to him that if you put a dandelion in your bedroom at night, you’ll wet the bed. He looked at me liked I’d completely lost the plot! What was even stranger was that this popped into my mind from something I had heard as a child.

I had no clue whether this was true or not, and had never thought about this until then. This led me to become curious, and I googled to see if I could find the answer. Apparently, there is some truth to my dandelion story as they are a natural diuretic and will make you wee, but only if you eat them.

Here’s a few more parenting myths (read: limiting beliefs) you may be familiar with to lighten the mood — boy do we need this right now!

Can you remember any of these and are you saying the same things to your kids?

Of course, these are false and very innocent, but as young children we’re very impressionable and believe what our parents or caregivers tell us.

The reason for this is from birth to age seven, our brainwave cycles are Alpha and Theta. Alpha cycles are slow and the same ones that adults experience when meditating. Theta is a hypnotic state. If you’ve ever watched someone like Derren Brown (mentalist) or Paul Mckenna (the hypnotist), you’ll know that they can make people to do the most bizarre things, when they’re in this state. Plus, some people who have IBS, anxiety, want to lose weight or quit smoking, and so on can benefit from hypnosis.

Being in this state in our formative years indicates high suggestibility and receptivity — soaking everything up like a sponge. At 2 to 6 years of age, a child will believe nearly everything that is told to them.

Many of us as children believed in Father Christmas, the Easter Bunny, Fairies and much more, majority of us grew out of this stage without any issues. Although, I’m still believing in magic of Christmas! However, much of what we learn as a young child forms our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. At these tender years, children make subconscious decisions about how they need to behave in order to gain approval from their families. They become whoever they need to be, to be accepted, loved and fit in.