7 reasons parents don't share the truth about being parents

Last updated: 01-10-2021

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7 reasons parents don't share the truth about being parents

Sharing is caring they say. And recently I have been wondering about precisely why it is that parents DON’T tend to share the truth about…well,the challenges of parenting. About how damn hard it is.  Is it actually because they care they are not sharing?  Or are there other reasons for not sharing the big news that guess what – that romantic notion of parenthood that you were sold before you had your kids is actually….shock…horror….FALSE!

Let us now examine some of the reasons why perhaps people are not sharing this earth-shattering information:

Just imagine, if people were sharing this information to every would-be parent before they made the leap, who exactly do you think would then be jumping at the chance to be parents? Hmmmm….hello the mostnatural form of contraception, good bye human race.

Telling all your would-be parent friends that you would experiencesleep-deprivationlike no other, lose your mind on a frequent basis, have rough times like you never knew possible and sprout grey hairs like there’s no tomorrow would probably go down like a cup of sick. No, you definitely don’t want to share that, unless you would like to lose any trace of the friends you are still hanging onto.

When push comes to shove, when you have a friend who is on their second week of sleepless nights with a newborn, close to the brink of insanity crying on your shoulder, the last thing they want to hear about is all the hard times to come. They just want a hug and hear it will get better. And so once again, you don’t share.

Quite frankly, you are still reeling from the fact that nobody shared this with you, and you are not quite ready to utter and accept the words yourself. Best not to share then.

We could poo poo this parenting thing, but actually, how can we when we are not too keen on the alternative? As much as it drives you crazy, a life shared without children somehow seems incomplete.

The truth is, that parenting is the biggest social experiment out, currently starring…all of us! How can we share that which we don’t know as we all still fumble around in the dark trying to find the way?

All parents agree:The highs are high(but the lows are low), so perhaps we might not be sharing the truth about everything, just the nice things..

If sharing is caring, and we are not sharing the whole truth, does that mean we don’t care enough? Or is it that we care too much for the greater good?

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