What Happens When Your Children Have Children?  - DIY Daddy

Last updated: 01-04-2021

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What Happens When Your Children Have Children?  - DIY Daddy

From what I’ve learnt by speaking to other parents, when your children have children it is one of the greatest feelings in the world that you are a grandparent. Of course, it is completely different to when you became a parentas some of the pressure is taken off you by knowing that your children will do a good job at becoming parents, because they will follow your lead and you did not do a bad job at all! Becoming a grandparent is an amazing feeling as you know you have brought your children up well, and that your grandchildren will live really happy lives. You will be there to support and give guidance to your child, and in a way as a grandparent you can be seen as a sort of mediator between your child, and your grandchild. It is up to you to give the correct guidance and advice when needed, but you should not allow yourself to step in at times when you can see your grandchild misbehaving or whatnot. That is up to the parent, your child.

As a grandparent, you are there to help provide for your family. Yes, you have done that for a long time with your children but it is common nowadays that younger people may not have as much money to cope and provide for their child, so if you feel that you want to play an extra active part in your grandchild’s life, you could help support them, too. But it is important to not go over the top. As a gift for when your grandchild is born, you could help chip in towards a pram or stroller. You should do some research by looking at this detailed buying guide for the Baby Jogger City Select, and make the best choice for your grandchild. As your grandchild gets older, you may feel like you would like to have them stay overnight at your house, to allow your child and their partner to have some well earned rest or to simply go out and enjoy each other’s company once again.

You remember how much your life changed once your children were born, and this will be extremely new to your child. There will be a sudden shift in their lives that they may not have expected to be so sudden so before your grandchild is born, you could sit down with your child and advise them on the best way to do thingsand that it is important that they do not keep all of their feelings inside when they may feel the pressures of parenthood is becoming too much for them to handle.

As a grandparent, you may feel the need to play an active part in your grandchild’s life, either by taking them out for the day, allowing them to stay overnight at your house, or even treating the whole family to a meal or a day out so that everyone can relax and connect with the new addition to the family.

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