You know you're heading for Parenting Pandemic Burnout when ...

Last updated: 12-30-2020

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You know you're heading for Parenting Pandemic Burnout when ...

Christmas can cause even the most organised parent to have the odd meltdown. Add in coronavirus and a couple of lockdowns, and everything else 2020 has thrown at us, and is it any wonder we've all got a spot of PPB?

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Let's face it, if Christmas doesn't push you to the edge as a parent then nothing will. On top of all the usual parenting shizz we have to deal with and do, there are presents to buy and wrap, countless meals to plan, cards to write and dusty decorations to unearth and put up.

And that's just in the run up!

By 'Twixmas' it's fair to say we've all had our fill of turkey and Baileys, and our nearest and dearest ... but the kids still need entertaining (despite the sack loads of new toys they got just days ago) and coronavirus means all the usual distractions (Panto, anyone?) aren't happening.

Yep, it's fair to say Parenting in a Pandemic Burnout (PPB) is real ... and if you've not had a spot of it by New Year's Day then you're a hero.

Here's how to tell whether you're suffering from PPB!

1. A mince pie now passes for one of your five a day. Well it’s got raisins in, right?

2. And an Irish coffee counts as breakfast. Needs must.

3. The Make-Your-Own-Gingerbread-House kit you bought as a fun activity for the kids is already being used as a home for the pet hamster. And you’re just fine with that.

4. By Dec 5th you'd started talking to the Elf on the shelf because you suspected he was watching you ... and reporting to Santa every time you broke government guidelines. Now he's your go to confidant.

5. The John Lewis advert always sets you off. But this year so does the Argos advert, the Persil advert, the DFS advert …

6. You're drinking Baileys by 4. On a school day. And you care not a jot.

7. And Boris's press conferences now can't be watched without a stiff drink in one hand ... and a Lindt chocolate reindeer in the other.

8. You put a bra on for the office Zoom Christmas party, because it’s a special occasion.

9. And your husband unearths a clean-ish pair of tracksuit bottoms for his.

10. Your Christmas present to yourself is taking the kids to a different playground, not the one you’ve been to 189 times since Lockdown 2.0.

11. You argue with your other half about social bubble wars while washing up. Because it’s just not that simple to get your head around, is it?

12. The mere mention of a family Christmas Zoom quiz makes you want retreat to a dark corner and consider staying there till NYD.

13. You find yourself Googling Tenerife and Gran Canaria COVID rules repeatedly throughout the day.

14. You wake up in a panicked cold sweat because you dreamed you were kissing Boris/Matt Hancock/Chris Whitty under the mistletoe.

15. You hate pantos more than sprouts, but find yourself longing for a spot of 'oh no he didn't' to break up the monotony of watching Stick Man and eating Quality Street.

16. By New Year's Eve you realise you haven't been dressed since Boxing Day ...

17. ... and you have no intention of changing that to ring in the New Year. It's a pyjama party for sure this year.

18. And let's not even go there with what the kids are wearing

20. On the plus side, you're now a master Uno player

21. And whatever happen, next Christmas is going to feel like a BREEZE!

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