How to Keep Your Kids Healthy During COVID-19 and Flu Season at School

Last updated: 12-29-2020

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How to Keep Your Kids Healthy During COVID-19 and Flu Season at School

Even before the onset of the current coronavirus pandemic, the winter was a tough time for keeping kids healthy. With everyone cooped up indoors and the seasonal flu running rampant, keeping your kids germ-free is a tall order. Now, with COVID-19 cases on the rise and widespread vaccination still a few months away, the stakes are even higher. Here’s what you should be doing to keep your kids safe this winter.

No matter how much you’ve brought the matter up in the past, your children are probably not in the habit of washing their hands before eating at school. This year, the stakes are too high to let this bad behavior slide. Impress the importance of hand washing on your kids each and every day so that they can’t help but get the message.

In addition to washing their hands with soap and water before meals, your kids should also be using hand sanitizer throughout the day. To make sure your family is stocked up and ready for winter, consider investing in a 72 pack 8 oz antiseptic hand sanitizer gel.

Normally, after school activities and interactions with friends are an important part of a child’s development. This year, however, it’s better that your children spend more time alone. The occasional outdoor playdate can help alleviate boredom, but regular indoor activities are best avoided.

Your children’s school probably has stringent rules in place to limit the spread of the virus. The problem is that your kids might not follow all the restrictions when the supervisors aren’t looking. Children are naturally rebellious and it can be hard to impress the importance of social responsibility on a young mind. All the same, you have to do your best.

As you know if you’re a parent, kids are sponges and pick up on hypocrisy from mom and dad. If you want your kids to take personal hygiene and social distancing seriously, then you’ll have to follow the same standards yourself.

This is going to be a tough winter for families, with so much of normal life set aside. All the same, it’s on all of us to do what we can to keep ourselves and each other safe. By following this advice, you’ll do your part to help protect your children.

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