Top tips for setting up a side hustle as a parent

Top tips for setting up a side hustle as a parent

Are you struggling to make your way in this world? As parents, we have a heap of duties already, but for some, earning money is not one of them. And this is when we start to think about being a freelancer or figuring out a way to generate some form of income without it causing a major upheaval in our lives. But what can we do to get started on this road? They call it a “side hustle,” but how do we truly make it something on the side of our lives that can help us keep our income afloat?

Many parents start their freelancer journey by setting up a blog. It’s a vast market out there, but in order to diversify your streams of income, you’ve got to incorporate affiliate marketing, as well as work with sponsors, and this is where an online store can help.

Be warned, it’s not an easy side hustle! It requires having the abilities to communicate with your readers or customers effectively. And it may feel like a 24-hour job, but if you are good at replying to messages while feeding your child, you can very easily multitask like a pro!

You also have to think about adding as many options for customers to communicate with you as possible, from your social media accounts to even incorporating live chat, and click4assistance shows how to add live chat to your website simply.

It is so important to remember that when you are looking to get into blogging and affiliate marketing as a side hustle that you understand the dedication that comes with it. When you are selling products, you are becoming an e-commerce retailer. It’s certainly a way to earn extra money on the side but it can start to become a full-time job if you let it. This is what you have got to decide if running an online shop is enough or if you can benefit from affiliate marketing alone.

Quite possibly the best way to earn money as a side hustle without it eating into your time completely! Micro-tasks are small tasks you can complete in a certain amount of time that will pay you pretty well, depending on the task. For example, there are companies like Appen that are always looking for individuals to say voice commands into the phone for the purposes of voice recognition software or improving technical components.

Sometimes, jobs take up to an hour but also when they are looking for individuals to speak these commands, they may be looking for children under the age of 18. If you could get your children to do voice commands, it’s an extra bit of money for everyone. There are also other tasks such as transcribing voice commands, which you can do as much or as little as humanly possible.

This is a lifesaver when you are looking for a side hustle but you cannot commit to a certain amount of hours. When you have a little bit of time set aside every day to complete these micro-tasks, you’ll soon get into the swing of it and it becomes a very simple way to earn a little bit of extra money.

You don’t need to know anything about sports in order to benefit from this side hustle. If you’re looking for a side hustle, matched betting is a great way to earn a significant amount of money quickly. The premise behind it is that, with every betting website, they will always give you a free bet when you sign up.

Matched betting is about using betting websites and another type of website called a betting exchange. You place the same amount of money for a team to win on the betting website and on the betting exchange, you put money on the same team losing, also known as laying the bet. This effectively cancels out the money you’ve put on both sides, leaving you with the money gifted as a free bet which you can then withdraw.

The great thing about this side hustle is that there are so many different betting websites that you can get free bets almost forever. Even when you’ve used up all of your free bets on every betting website and exchange, they will usually tempt you back with another free bet, which means you can start the process again. It requires some organisation to get right but there are numerous matched betting guides out there that provide everything for you. Football trading is risky, but when you start to get into the swing of things it can help you get a decent amount of money as well. Ultimately, matched betting is the safer option. While many people don’t like the idea of betting or gambling, this is why the numerous guides out there hold your hand throughout the entire process.

A very valid question to ask when we are trying to get money on the sidebut without the side hustle taking over our entire lives. The trick is about being organised. With children, there is no rhyme or reason to their day, but if you can block out a certain amount of time every day to ensure that you can get to work on these tasks with some focus, or even breaking these tasks down into smaller tasks, you will be able to succeed.

It can seem like a lot of effort for limited return. A side hustle doesn’t always pay a huge amount. But this is why it’s important to remember the effort you put in in relation to the money you earn. Set yourself an hourly wage and ensure that you stick to it. It could be so easy to get drawn into doing more so we can get extra money through matched betting or staying up a little bit later to ensure that our online store is able to hit a certain target for the day. But we’ve got to learn how to compartmentalize it. A side hustle is on the side and when we are setting up something like this, we have to draw the line somewhere.