It's in the genes: Revealing the traits inherited from parents

It's in the genes: Revealing the traits inherited from parents

You know that moment when you look at your child’s behaviour and think MY GOD! WHERE DID THEY GET THAT FROM as your partner looks at you with a raised eyebrow?

Yes, it’s now widely agreed upon thatmajor personality traits are in fact inherited (uh oh) but did you know that virtues such as honesty, kindness, reliability, good organisational skills,  integrity and tolerance are most likely to come from mothers while courage, laziness, wit, a good sense of direction and err…..a potty mouth come from fathers, according to a recent study commissioned byRed Bull TV to mark the launch of a documentary which delves into the world of renowned motorcycling family, the Lampkins.

A love of sport, and also the football team you support (no brainer!) is most likely to be inspired by your father, while mothers pass down a love of music and their dancing ability (show us some moves mama!).

It also emerged that more than half of the 2,000 adults polled share the same interests and hobbies as at least one of their parents, and 22 per cent said that, as a child, they wanted to follow in their parents’ footsteps, with more than one in ten even ending up doing the same, or a similar career as their mother or father. One in four also said they have used their parents’ success as a benchmark for their own success, with 42 per cent saying they consider their mother or father to be their hero……awwwwwwww.

Well I know my daughter definitely gets her attention to detail, tendency to be highly strung and boundless energy from me, but what about others? Curious as to whether this indeed holds true, I asked fellow parenting bloggers to reveal which traits they inherited from which parent and so with that, let us sit back and collectively marvel at the genetic influences of behaviour….and whether they go with, or against the grain.

“My eldest is really stubborn he gets that from me. My hubby is very determind and has to find everything straight away such as the tv remote. If it is lost he won’t settle until its found. He gets that from his mum!”  – The Mum Diaries

“My daughter is exactly like me. She is so stubborn, the language she uses is an exact mimic of mine and she’s very passionate which sometimes comes across as a bit aggressive. I know I get my stubbornness from my dad so it is most definitely a family trait!” –Candy Floss Dreams  

“My daughter is always right, just like me.” – Odd Socks and Lollipops 

“My daughter has inherited stubbornness from me and cheekiness from her father!” – Real Mum Review 

“My first son is just like me stubborn, awful temper when provoked and quite serious. My second son lives in a complete dream world and is very carefree just like his dad. They both love football which they get from their dad, I hate sports.” –  Backs N Bumps 

“My daughter Cora is basically ‘me’ … she is the image of me, has inherited my stubbornness and seriousness and is clumsy. Cora is grumpy like me, and likes things to go her own way”. Cora’s twin, Maisie, is basically their dad! She is the image of him, she’s silly and playful, and not serious at all. She is polar opposite to Cora and is a real tomboy. Maisie is very laid back like daddy as well.”  – After Otis

“My youngest son looks like me but he is mild-mannered like his dad. My eldest looks like his dad but is high-strung like me!” –The Mum Reviews  

“My son is REALLY slow and gets easily distracted. I now understand why so many people get infuriated with me.” – Diary of An Unexpectant Mother 

“My daughter is very impatient which unfortunately comes from us both!” – Digital Motherhood

“My son has inherited my quirky sense of humour (yesss!). Our identical twins are amazing to see as the eldest needs very little sleep like her Dad and the youngest loves her kip like me. Very interesting that genetically identical yet so so different” –

“My son is a little comedian like his daddy, he will do anything to get people to look at him and laugh!” –  Mummy Miller 

“My daughter has developed my love for science but she is also very much a comedian, just like her dad.” – Mums The Nerd 

So although there are definite themes, there are also definite curve balls….and there you have the magic of genetics! What traits have your children inherited from you? Would you agree with the findings above? Do share in a comment below.

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