How to Find the Right Nanny for Your Children

How to Find the Right Nanny for Your Children

Choosing a nanny can be almost as important as deciding to become a parent. Quality caregivers are in great demand nationwide, as finding the right kindergarten proves quite challenging. In the past, background screenings were both time-consuming and expensive. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. It is a good idea to subject your top candidates to a quick online background check. A trusted resource like Unmask can provide a wealth of additional information if you’re interested.

Most people will start their search for the right nanny online. Commonly used nanny databases are quite affordable. You’ve probably thought of checking a popular babysitting website in your area. Always ask friends and family for recommendations, even if they don’t have children. Almost everyone knows someone with a small child.

You could also publish a job ad in the paper. If you decide to take the time to create an appealing one that will attract quality applicants. A professional with two decades of experience is one thing, an opportunistic teen – quite another. The former will not call an ad that indicates the price is everything. In addition, avoid writing a job description that’s too vague or too short. Ideally, aim for seven or eight sentences. Check them for inadvertent grammar mistakes. The best ads list important requirements and the candidate’s schedule and responsibilities clearly.

We mentioned asking for recommendations, which we’ll now discuss in more detail. When you do, make sure you’re very clear about the type of person you’re looking for. There is never a guarantee that you’ll be just as happy with a friend’s nanny as they are or were, but it’s still a viable option. Recommendations from friends and loved ones who’ve had a good experience with a professional care provider can be very helpful. Make sure you agree on a schedule if you plan to use a friend’s babysitter. If all three of you are willing to make things work, this is by far the best option.

You shouldn’t limit this to checking your top applicants’ resumes for relevant experience. You need as much information as you can about them. Look for a clean bill of health. An anti-vaxxer probably won’t be the best of candidates.

Today, most lookup services are affordable, quick, and easy to use. They can give you much-needed peace of mind. The most reliable ones will give you access to your future care provider’s employment history, qualifications, training, any certificates, their driving record, and perhaps social network profiles. If she doesn’t need to drive for the job, you obviously don’t need her driving history. Quick background checks can be indispensable when it comes to verifying and crosschecking the information your candidate has provided you with.

Call any references they’ve provided and be prepared to ask about everything that interests you, including if the person ever raised a red flag with them. Ask their preferences about what they liked and didn’t like so much about the caregiver. You might choose to hire through an agency. If this is the case, ask them if they have any specific policies you need to know about.

Ask the references why this person is no longer working for them. The child’s having grown up isn’t always the reason. If they needed a babysitter again, would they choose the same person? Why or why not? You’d be surprised at how interesting some responses to these questions can be.

It’s hard to sift through tens of applications and hundreds of online profiles of care providers in your area. It’s near impossible to run background checks on all of them. Instead, narrow your search down to two or three people and then proceed with a screening and a series of interviews. It’s best to agree on a paid trial.

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