15 things every parent should teach their children growing up in today's world

15 things every parent should teach their children growing up in today's world

The world is a crazy place right now – in fact now more than ever. Children are growing up faster, feeling older, and experiencing more mental healthissues than ever before. All of this makes our role as parents – their champions and stewards – tougher than ever before as we strive to equip them with the right tools to navigate through this tricky landscape that is modern society. So what does all this means for what parents should teach their children?

I have recently been reading a fantastic book – well actually, it’s a bit more like a guide book – called YESSS! The S.U.M.O. Secrets to being a Positive, Confident Teenagerby Paul McGee. Now although my daughter is not yet a teen – in fact, she is only seven but so ridiculously mature with it – this is actually a brilliant book not just for teens (which is the purpose intended) but also it’s a great yardstick for what parents and what they should teach their children to enable them to have the building blocks and resilience for the years ahead.

Jam-packed with fantastic advice and life hacks, I know that this is one that we will be referring to time and time again over the years to come as my daughter becomes a tween then teen.

With that said, today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite golden nuggets from the book, with a view to covering what parents should teach their children in order to help them live life to the fullest and truly enjoy it now and in years to come.

Want to find out more? This wonderful book is not only packed with infinite amounts of wisdom but is also abound with pratical actions to be taken plus plenty of humour and cool illustrations along the way. Get your copy from Amazon now for only £9.34 (RRP £12.99).

Which of the above have you been teaching your children, and what are the most stand out points for you from the list above? Do share in a comment below.

This features an edited extract from YESSS! The S.U.M.O. Secrets to Being a Positive, Confident Teenager! By Paul McGee (published by Capstone, October 2020)”