Fall Outdoor Activities To Do With Kids

Last updated: 10-29-2020

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Fall Outdoor Activities To Do With Kids

Thanks to Vuly Play for sponsoring this post and encouraging families to get outdoors.

As the weather cools off it seems like the kids start spending more time indoors and it’s harder to get them to go outside when they have to bundle up. There is lots of fun to be had outside in the fall season though so I’ve created a list of ideas to get children out of the house and excited to go enjoy the beautiful fall weather. Here are some fun things that families can do outdoors together during the fall:

Hop on your bikes and go for a bike ride around your neighborhood or on a local trail.

Play a game of pickup football in the backyard.

Rake up the leaves in the yard and jump in the leaf pile before cleaning them up.

Go camping in your backyard or at a local campground.

Visit your local pumpkin patch and pick pumpkins together.

Project a movie onto a sheet or the side of your house and have an outdoor movie night cuddled under a pile of blankets.

Go on a nature hike to enjoy all the pretty autumn colors. Kids can even make a nature journal to write in during the hike.

Get some old clothes and newspaper and build a scarecrow to put on your front porch.

Lay out some newspaper and carve your pumpkins. Younger kids may enjoy painting pumpkins instead.

Have one final bonfire for the year (and don’t forget the s’mores!)

Go geocaching as a family and see if you can find a hidden treasure nearby.

Wait until it’s dark and then go on a flashlight scavenger hunt in the backyard. You can also do a flashlight candy hunt as an alternative to Trick or Treating this year!

Visit a corn maze and split up in teams to see which team can find their way out of the maze the fastest.

Make a pine cone birdfeeder and then watch the birds as they come to it.

Search for leaves of all shapes and sizes and then make a leaf craft with the leaves you find.

Want more ideas for fall fun? Check out the Fall Bucket List I made several years ago!

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