10 Tips For Better Parenting

10 Tips For Better Parenting

Parenting can be really challenging in modern times. Most of the people these days are pretty career driven so they tend to start families late which eventually results in generation gap between parents and kids. Even if there isn’t any generation gap, the parents still seem to struggle with raising kids these days. Listed below are the 10 parenting tips that can enhance your role as a parent and make better parenting easier.

Since day one when your kids are young, they should have certain unwritten rules regarding the computer rights, interacting with siblings etc. Children should have an understanding that they cannot yell at their parents, they cannot spank the younger siblings, they should have curfew hours, and they should have access to TV and computers for a certain time. This will inculcate discipline in your kids and will prevent your kids from overdoing stuff.

Be friendly with your kids and engage them in dialogue. Tell them they have the right to disagree but ask a logical justification of disagreement. Encourage and engage in rational argument but make sure they are always respectful. Let them know it is ok to ask questions and to come to your for help.

In your whole routine there should be a family time where every family member is engaged in the same sort of activity. You can play video games, watch TV, do some outdoor activity or read together. This is healthy and helps the family members to bond together. Also by playing outdoor games will inculcate the idea of team work and how individuals are important to accomplish a certain task. Also when families do stuff like this together, they make memories and understand each other better.

It’s important that kids know that their actions have repercussions. If your kid gets a good grade, helps you with something, performs well at any co curricular activity, reward them. Give them candies or take them out of the house. Likewise if children misbehave, break house rules or do not study responsibly then you should punish them in the form of grounding, taking away internet rights or if kids are younger you can put them in time out as well.

Give a lot of physical affection, hugs, kisses and cuddles as that will increase the bonding between you and your child. Cuddle with them, put them to bed so they get used to your touch and find solace in it.

As a parent you should be a good listener; your kids should feel comfortable in confiding in you and sharing how they feel about a certain thing. When you give them your full attention, they learn they are important and their opinions matter.

If you’ll portray yourself as super strict with constant nagging and authoritarian directives, that will create a drift between you and your kids. Be clear with your expectations. Do not set “or else” consequences unless you are prepared to follow through. And do follow through with reasonable penalties so they learn to listen.

Set practical goals for your kids that are achievable. For example, expect them to pass with a decent grade but don’t expect them to get all A’s all of the time.

Allow your child to decide for him/herself when possible. Making small decisions will make them more responsible and independent. They need to become accustomed to making choices and dealing with the results of their choices.

Never criticize your kids in front of their friends or other siblings. Kids develop low esteem and become anti social if they are criticized publicly. Praising in public is a good way to reinforce positive behavior.

As a responsible parent of a growing kid, you must keep a close eye on your kid’s activities. Use a reliable parental control app to help you set screen time limits and make sure that their screen time is spent appropriately.

I hope you found these ideas useful for how to become a better parent. Which one of these better parenting tips is your favorite?  What do you find are your parenting challenges or tips you would want to share?

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