Help Your Child Develop a Sense of Wonder

Help Your Child Develop a Sense of Wonder

Childhood is a wonderful time when imagination reigns and children discover the amazing wonder of the world around them.  As a homeschooler, you have more time to expose your child to the amazing and wonderful parts of the world that inspire your child to explore and learn in new and exciting ways. You can help your child develop a sense of wonder in your child and open the doors to their imagination.

There are many things you can do to help instill a sense of wonder in your child. Following are just a few to get your wheels turning. Of course, not everything is going to be a great fit for every child. You know your kid, so you know what will spark joy for them.

Show your child the stars. The universe is vast and full of mystery. Take your child to a planetarium or observatory near you. If you are lucky to live near an international dark sky park you can take your child to lay back in the grass and see the milky way with their own eyes. Even if all you can manage is to find a dark space where a few more stars than normal are visible your child is sure to have a spark of wonder looking at what is out there. You can even get a telescope and study the stars together.

Plant a fairy garden. Adding flowers that attract butterflies is a great way to make your fairy garden come to life for your child. This can spark your child’s imagination and lead to a world of wonderful and imaginative stories. We happen to have a dwarf cherry tree that my girls have turned into their fairy garden. They climb under the branches and play for hours.

Get hands-on with lessons. As your child explores new concepts up close and personal it will part their imagination and give them the drive to explore and learn more. Whether your catching frogs, examining leaves, or building volcanoes, hands-on lessons are just more fun. Getting hands-on with science and history is an amazing way to instill a sense of wonder in your child.

Go on field trips. The more of the world your child explores the more they will wonder and question what else is out there. Sparking your child’s interest can be a life-changing opportunity for them to learn and explore. Look for museums, aquariums, and places your child can inspire in an interactive setting. There are amazing family activities in St. Louis, and I’m sure there are near where you live, too!

Tell your child fun facts. Look up a list of random facts and start telling them to your children on a regular basis. This will encourage your child to look for interesting tidbits themselves to share with you. Most children will look at these facts you share and begin to question and explore further.

Set an example for your child by letting them see you get excited about the things you are learning. Show your child your own child like wonder as you explore new concepts. The more your child sees you and your drive to keep learning the more likely your child will do the same. When we moved into our new house, I discovered how much I enjoy watching and listening to the birds. The kids now notice, and appreciate, them too.

Supply your child with plenty of books. From science to fiction and everything in between. Books are the door to many worlds around us. You can build your own home library for your child to explore at any time as well as make regular trips to the local library allowing your child the freedom to check out books that capture their interest.

Spend time one on one with your child discussing the wondrous things the world has to offer. Sometimes children just need us to point out things that may spark their interest that sets off a chain reaction encouraging them to explore further and try new things. Not sure how to start the conversation? Pick up a fun kids devotional and go through it together. We’re currently using the Indescribable devotional by Louie Giglio and really loving it.