10 common misconceptions made about mums

10 common misconceptions made about mums

You know what the say – never assume because it makes an ass out of you and me, but when it comes to mums, it just seems we love to assume and misconceive. Grrrrrrr. As annoying as it is, it is fact of life, and so here I join forces with fellow parenting bloggers in a round up of 10 common misconceptions made about mums….

That when they go on play dates with their friends and their children, they just sit around eating cake and drinking tea and not looking after the children . – Beauties And The Bibs 

That all we’re capable of talking about is our babies or that we’ve got ‘baby brain’. Errr, I had a brain before I had children, I still have one now! – Devon Mama 

Errrrrr……no. If only this were true! – Wave to Mummy  

Yes, we may not be sitting at a desk all day. But I can assure you, looking after a child 24 hours a day is no mean feat – chances are we can’t tell you the last time we’ve had a warm meal, I certainly don’t spend all day on coffee dates, and watching Jeremy Kyle reruns is nowhere near as fun as it looks.- Life With Boys  

There’s sometimes the undertone of not taking mums seriously because they’re hormonal – due to being on their period, or being pregnant, or going through the 4th trimester, or not being able to handle toddler tantrums. Being hormonal, if at all, doesn’t reduce the validity of our feelings, views, and concerns. – Adventures of a Novice Mum 

…and that we do not want to sit in a corner screaming and crying because life is so hard when people constantly want something from you and you feel like you can not live up to everyone high standards. – Cups of Charlotte 

…and that we’re going to have another child. I was told ‘see you in a year’ when I left the maternity ward with my first, and even now after having a baby a mere six months ago I’m already being asked if I want more, when my next is, or worse will I ‘try for a girl’. We are not baby making machines. –Babies and Beauty 

…and that being a working mum means you get a break! I think it’s one of those cases of the grass always being greener on the other side. I can’t remember the last time I got ten minutes to myself without needing to do work/ parenting/ seemingly parenting my boss/ housework etc! – Better Together Home 

Yes we do, mostly. But Just not after the 100th time of wheels on the bus) Spending 24/7 with a toddler is mind numbing at times. …- Dancing Dandelions 

…and that we just know how to be mums before we have had any experience of it, because we don’t!  – Mummy and Moose

Sound familiar? What other common misconceptions about mums would you add to this life? Do leave a comment and share below.

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