Parenthood - does it ever get easier?

Parenthood - does it ever get easier?

I write this off the back of a morning of crying into my coffee. I love being a mum. But at other times, I probably hate it just as much. I’m going through a particularly tricksy time with my 2 year old and feel so frustrated by the fact that all I want to do is enjoy being a mum to her, and to enjoy parenthood, but then feeling like I’d just like to find that eject button while she is busy pressing all my other ones. I’m trying not to take this personally, but sometimes it does feel like they are trying to sabotage this parenthood gig! I know, ridiculous that I even just wrote that.

Of course, the solution is probably just to have realistic expectations of it all – something which many of us have learnt that hard way that we have not been geared up very well to do in our society. But what I want to know is…does being a parent get better? I remember when my little girl was a baby – and we had a shocker – and everyone kept telling me it would get easier with each year. And now she is a toddler, people love to tell you it does get easier…when they go to school. And so on and so forth….

But I want to enjoy now, especially because I don’t know if I’ll ever get another shot at this. Not wish the years away in the hope they will get better or easier, only to find that you  are swapping one set of parental problems for another – which is my sneaky suspicion.

A quick trawl on the internet sees as many people saying it does get better, as those saying they would be lying through their teeth if they said it did! And so I wanted to ask you, my trusted readers, here and now in a quick poll, with no lies or bullshit….does it get better? Or is that just the biggest lie out? Please leave an honest comment so we can be real about this and finally know the answer….

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