Be a better parent with lifehacksforkids

Be a better parent with lifehacksforkids

Regular readers of my blog will be in no doubt what  I think about parenting…that it is damn hard these days. We are currently parenting in a world with so many complexities that it is no wonder we spend so much of our time secretly wondering whether we are screwing up our kids, let alone teaching them the right traits, life skills and values.

Most of us parent by instinct, against a crazy world of rushing here and there and juggling a bajillion responsibilities….

Yet wouldn’t we feel so much better about this whole parenting thing if we were actually able to take some time out to reflect on what outcomes we were actually hoping to attain with our parenting?

Cue lifehacksforkids, set up by two homeschooling parents who know only too well that the UK curriculum is not the only skill set kids need to have a successful and happy adulthood and unleash their full potential, but that they also need skills, attitudes and attributes like confidence, grit and determination, being a great communicator, having positive attitude and an entrepreneurial mindset….all things which are down to we, the parents to teach.

Argh! but how many of us are actually consciously doing that? Don’t try to hide behind the sofa…because I’m looking at you!

A good sense checker is the the free lifehacksforkids mini course, which I took and instantly jolted me out of my loathsome auto pilot parenting zone. This required perhaps ten – maybe twenty minutes headspace (a tall order in our rushed world, I know)  to think about what exactly you are trying do and teach as a parent. I was amazed at the words which came spilling out from my mind. It was obvious I knew the things I wanted to do for my daughter as a parent, and it turns out that I even know how to do it…but I, like so many others, am guilty of just mindlessly sleepwalking through parenting just trying to get through the carnage.

This was like a brilliant little virtual life coaching session for parenting which helped me get back to my core values, and the values I wanted to pass on to my child and I would highly recommend to any parent needing to get in the here and now of parenting…but also who wants to look to the future too.

If you want to dig deeper, you can also take some more in-depth courses including those on the subjects of teaching your  kids the value of success; and parenting by using your values which both help to unlock your values hidden in your unconscious and transform them into a resource that you use to help you be clear as to the type of parent that you want to be. I am currently working my way through these and can not tell you how much they have opened my eyes and reconnected to me to my missions as a parent.

If you need a little sense checking and direction in your parenting, I would highly recommend checking out lifehacksforkids and taking their free mini course…after all…what have you got to lose? And you might just come out being a better version of your parenting self..which is surely worth it’s weight in gold?

*This post is in collaboration with Lifehacksforkids. All opinions are my own.

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