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Last updated: 07-11-2020

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Tips for Working From Home With Kids • The Simple Parent

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If you’ve recently found yourself working from home with kids it may feel like things are a bit crazy. I’ve been working from home for the past seven years but having my kids home doing remote learning has added something to the mix that I’ve been trying to balance.

It’s a challenge for sure. Figuring out what works for our family and having a remote workspace set up that works for me seem to be the things that are helping me find a way to make things happen around our house. I thought I would share a few simple working from home tips that are helping us get through things right now.

We’re spending a lot more time at home these days. We’re making tons of memories together but there’s also a lot that has to get done. I still have work deadlines to meet and now the kids have school deadlines to meet without being in the classroom.

Finding a groove, being gentle with yourself, and making sure you have the technology you need are all things that can help increase productivity while working from home.

People can say what they want, but I’m the first to admit that technology has been a huge lifesaver for us. Obviously, I depend on my technology to work from home. In fact, I recently upgraded my laptop to make sure I had what I needed to get things done efficiently.

Whether you’re setting up a remote workspace for yourself to work from home or for your kids to get their class meetings done, having the tech you need is so important.

Make the most of your remote workspaces by updating your technology or getting new devices. Everything seems to run more smoothly now that the whole family has what we need.

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Sharing my phone with the kids so they can watch video assignments or have class meetings has worked out okay for the most part, but having the option to add another device to our collection is definitely a good option for making things run more smoothly.

Saving money is something I’m trying to do right now and buying a certified pre-owned device is an easy way to do that. If you’re looking to earn some extra money right now, you can also sell your old devices to make a little money while you’re at home.

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This is the biggest thing that has helped me. I’ll admit I’m not always great at it but I’m really trying to focus on it. None of us are used to this. Even as a work at home mom, I’m not used to also having my kids with me 24/7. Usually, they go off to school and I sit down to get my work done. Now they’re here and they need attention more than ever. Plus they need to get some school work done.

Being gentle with yourself and with your kids is one way to make it through working at home. Do what you can and know that it’s enough.

Extra hugs and laughs have helped too!

I’ve seen so many recommendations for daily schedules that we should be using while we work at home. Now there are tons of ideas for the schedule the kids should be following. 

I’ll be honest and say that none of it worked for us. I have always been one to set up my work at home schedule to work with whatever other things were on my calendar. Flexibility is one of the reasons I love working from home. This isn’t any different now that my kids are home with me. But it is more challenging to find balance.

So I encourage you to figure out what works for your family. I have so many friends who get the kids up and get schoolwork done first thing. For me and my family, what’s been working better is me working in the morning and then sitting down with the kids in the afternoon to do school work. 

Every family is different and don’t be afraid to find what works for your family and roll with it!

I’ve always been a list maker. I love making a TO DO list and crossing things off as I get them done. Owning my own business and being my own boss means it’s all on me to stay motivated and get things done. Making priority lists is one of the best ways for me to stay motivated.

These days, I’ve been making two lists. I’ve been making a TO DO list of the business-related work I need to get done each day and I’ve been making a TO DO list for family-related things that need to get done that day.

I keep the lists short and include the high priority items for the day. Once I get those things done, I move on to other less pressing items or I grant myself some grace and take a break. Having a list seems to make it easier to get things done around here. We do this for the kids’ school work as well. Seeing what they need to do in a list often makes it all seem less overwhelming.

Whether you’ve been working at home for years like I have or you’re just figuring out how telecommuting works for you, figuring out how to work from home with kids is a challenge in itself. Be patient and know you’re doing enough. As long as we’re trying, we’re doing enough!

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