Encouraging Healthy Tech Habits in your Family

Encouraging Healthy Tech Habits in your Family

One of the trickiest challenges of parenting in the modern age is limiting our children’s technology use. Let’s be honest: nearly all of us adults are addicted to our cell phones. We keep our phones with us 24/7, checking messages and texts incessantly, amending our calendars, and keeping track of far away friends and family members. We live a life that is partially physical, partially virtual at all times. I confess that I often catch my dear husband on the weekend napping with his cell phone still clutched tightly in his hand. This image is so symbolic of our society’s current obsession with cell phones that it leads me to the joke that in 200 years a bronze statue will stand in the Metropolitan Museum of Art with the title “Man with Phone.”

Studies have shown that kids reared in families that practice healthy technology habits do better in school, in sports, and with their personal relationships. It’s difficult, though, to enforce good habits when it comes to iPhones, iPads and the computer. My children, for example, have recently been given iPads by their school for their homework. They frequently wander off onto YouTube or to play a game during homework hours, however, even though I try to pop in frequently to police them. Yet who are we to talk? My husband and I too often take out our phones during dinner to iron out a scheduling issue or research a fact. Our devices simply dominate our lives during the day.

Even at bedtime, our electronic devices remain omnipresent, close and tempting. Meanwhile, looking at iPhones and iPads at the end of the day is a no no. Experts urge us to turn off screens before bedtime, explaining that the light emitted by these devices convinces our brains that it’s day time, preventing us from having the deep, healthy sleep we need.

How do you encourage healthy technology habits in your family? Comment below and enter to win a Thrive Global Phone Bed Charging Station!

Media legend Arianna Huffington’s new company Thrive Global has its sights on helping us keep technology under control and bringing wellness, wisdom and wonder back into our lives. Thrive’s Phone Bed Charging Station makes it easy to lodge your devices away from the bedroom during sleep time so that your family can get the rest it so desperately needs. We welcomed the Phone Bed Charging Station into our home last week.

A charging station that accommodates up to ten devices at any time, the Phone Bed has enough plugs to accommodate even our big family.

Here we are setting up our family’s Phone Bed Charging Station. My kids were delighted to see their iPads find their own bed.

The Phone Bed Charging Station solves another problem, especially for large families: keeping track of chargers. Since my boys need to arrive at school each day by 8 a.m. with a charged iPad, we often scurry around at night or in the morning searching for chargers and available outlets. The Phone Bed Charging Station puts chargers in one place, connecting them to an outlet through one simple plug, thus assuring that our devices are re-charged and ready in the morning.

Constructed of solid wood and featuring a satin-clad mattress, the Phone Bed Charging Station looks fancy enough for any decor. A dual-sided blanket in satin and microfiber makes cleaning your devices a breeze.

Although the Phone Bed Charging Station awaits your devices at the end of the day, you can also put it to work during during family meals when conversation, connection and inspiration should reign over Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

What helps you thrive as a person? How do you find rest and respite from our technology-drenched world? Comment below and enter to win a Thrive Global Phone Bed Charging Station!