Online learning can be the best of both worlds

Online learning can be the best of both worlds

Sue Atkins, a very well-known parenting coach and author in the UK, recently discussed online learning environments on British radio, noting that engaging learning spaces like Valenture could be the best of both worlds for many students.

That is, students can excel both academically and socially online.

Our students come to us for a plethora of reasons: be that to obtain an international qualification, to find more flexibility, to take control of their education as they feel there is too much time wasted at traditional schools, to find an environment which they see as a safe space, and many other reasons.

"I required better quality of education, and an internationally recognised senior certificate and some flexibility around school hours in order to fit in horse-riding," says Zareena, a Valenture student.

Not only are students supported throughout their journey by mentors, but they are engaged with their peers online.

Many Valenture parents have noted changes in their children since they've joined us. Some confirm that they have seen their reserved child come out of their shell, while others say that their kids are excelling academically in subjects like French, which they never found of interest at another school in the past. 

“Extra-curricular activities offered by my previous school didn’t interest me, it just wasn't me,” says one of our students, Olivia. When she entered our virtual classroom she finally met like-minded individuals that shared her interests, and they would often take their conversations offline, where friendships blossomed. 

Valenture students study in an environment that allows them to really focus on what they find interesting and important. They are motivated by a challenging curriculum, and push themselves to achieve better grades than ever before. However, there is always the opportunity to be social, to engage with peers and to find the time to focus on those hobbies and activities that they find make them grow as individuals.