Are Your Children Blessed with an Awesome Dad?

Are Your Children Blessed with an Awesome Dad?

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Father’s Day is coming soon and, for many children and families, it is a wonderful day of celebration and gratitude.

But sadly, Father’s Day is sometimes not so happy.

I don’t know any stats on how many kids grow up WITHOUT awesome dads, but my guess is it’s a rather high number. I know many kids also don’t have fabulous moms, but I think we all can accept that the number of absent dads is higher than the number of absent moms.

So as schools and stores start to shout out Happy Father’s Day messaging in June, I tend to feel extra bad about all the kids that don’t have great fathers to celebrate. Thankfully, I did have a father who provided well for us and we had a good life. He did take us fishing, make us pancakes, and teach us to ski.

I know I was so much luckier than many kids.

But still, he was from a generation that didn’t change diapers and didn’t get down on the floor to play games. I was born in 1973, so by then many fathers were “hands-on” dads taking on more active roles as parents, but my father wasn’t quite on trend, shall we say. LOL. I doubt he ever changed a diaper and he left most of the “parenting stuff” to my mom.

I am thankful for everything he did do for us, and the blessed life we lived. But if I’m honest, I can say, that I understand that the job of “Dad” wasn’t his best role. And I think for many men, playing the part of “awesome dad” doesn’t always come so naturally.

Life is complicated and there are many reasons kids may not have an active father figure in their lives.

I’m not saying that we should be shocked when a father is a good dad or thank a man for being a good dad anymore than we thank a woman for being a good mom.

Both good moms and good dads should be celebrated and thanked equally.

But if YOUR child is blessed with an awesome dad… I’m truly happy for you and your kids!

Janice and I are both divorced from our kids’ fathers. But that doesn’t mean our kids’ Dads aren’t involved.

Sometimes divorced dads are even more active than those who are still married because they have to “step up” more when the kids are staying with them.

We co-parent with our kids’ dads and ensure that our kids know how blessed they are to have good, active fathers.

Even if you have reasons for not getting along with your ex-husband, I encourage you to try hard to look past your issues with him and help your kids to see their dad in the best light possible.

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