Every Parent Will Be Able to Relate to This Mom's Comics About Social Distancing With Kids

Every Parent Will Be Able to Relate to This Mom's Comics About Social Distancing With Kids

Mom and talented artist Becca Golins has been taking social distancing orders day by day just like everyone else. But rather than get frustrated about just how challenging staying in with the family can be, she channeled her energy into an incredibly relatable dragon-inspired comic series that any parent would chuckle at.

"I've always been one of those obnoxious people that tend to find the bright side of everything," Becca told POPSUGAR. "When the whole quarantine thing was still very new, and freaking everyone out, I couldn't help but find the humor in the things we were all going through, especially other parents with young children. I wasn't entirely sure what to do with myself while adapting to our 'new normal,' so I doodled silly things regarding the situation. I've always loved comics and dabble in them from time to time for fun, so that is the format they took."

For Becca, the entire point of the comics was to make fellow parents laugh through the difficult moments. Although these are stressful times, she wants other parents to know it doesn't have to feel doomy and gloomy all the time. "We are all going through similar emotions and trials," she shared. "Worrying and obsessing over the news doesn't help anyone's anxiety levels, but a genuine chuckle and something silly to share with others just might!"

Of her comics so far, she has a particular soft spot for a few of her most relatable creations. "The face smooshing one (day 8) was my favorite. My 6-year-old daughter is constantly wiggling and always seems to be touching me or her or someone at all times," she said. "I can just imagine her reaching over and squishing my face to be cheeky . . . no pun intended. OK, pun totally intended. I also love the very first comic, because I think more than any other it really conveys the feeling of 'Oh boy, this is gonna be a THING.' It's just funny to me thinking all that hard-fought-for TP is gone in a single day because the kids found it first."

Take a peek at some of Becca's extremely relatable comics ahead!

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