100+ Ways to Help Kids Learn Grit, Determination, and Resilience

Last updated: 05-16-2020

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100+ Ways to Help Kids Learn Grit, Determination, and Resilience

All parents want to raise kids with character. Qualities such as kindness, courage, and willpower can help set a foundation that serves kids their whole lives through. But did you know that media can help cultivate a character-rich kid -- and parents can play a big role in maximizing the benefits? 

Talk to your kids about the positive messages in the movies and TV shows they like, ask questions about the characters and story lines of their favorite games, and watch or play alongside them. This helps develop important media-literacy skills, too, which can counteract -- and build resilience around -- any negative messages.

Check out our favorite media picks to help kids learn grit, determination, and resilience. 

TV Shows and Movies That Celebrate Grit Inspire kids to pursue their dreams, even when things get tough.

Great Games for Can-Do Girls Empower your daughters -- and sons -- with positive media.

Survival TV ​Exciting adventures can teach kids to stay strong while they learn a tip or two.  

Movies with Inspiring Teachers Celebrate the amazing people who challenge, motivate, and inspire our kids.

Books with Strong Female Characters You can't lose with compelling stories and characters who don't quit.

Movies with Incredible Role Models for Boys These movie men show what it really takes to triumph and persevere.  

Books with Characters Who Have Physical or Learning Difficulties Stories about facing and overcoming challenges are inspiring to all.

Books About the Struggle for Social Justice  Historical and moving accounts about people rising up and demanding change.

Apps and Sites with Lots of Problem Solving Encourage kids to brainstorm and explore different solutions.  

Games for Improving Memory and Concentration Fun ways to give your brain a boost.

Reference and Research Apps and Sites Arm yourself with online resources to hone knowledge.

Top Time-Management Apps Easy-to-use timer tools and organizers will keep kids on their toes.

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