50 Fun Activities For Teens To Do When Bored

Last updated: 05-01-2020

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50 Fun Activities For Teens To Do When Bored

Being the parent of a teen can be definitely be challenging, especially when they are feeling bored. There’s no more sweeter sound than hearing your teen complain about having nothing to do. Because, when it comes down to it, there are plenty of activities for teens to get involved in.

Teens can fill their time and days in a lot of ways, but they might not know where to begin. These 50 fun activities for teens is a perfect place to start, and should keep them pretty busy (although I can’t promise they won’t ever complain again).

Even though they are becoming more independent and may often be busy, it’s so important to spend quality time and bond with your teen.

Believe me, I understand that their social schedule, extracurriculars, school and much too long showers (unless that’s just my teen) can make finding free time with your teen challenging, but take all the opportunities you can get.  

Now, you really shouldn’t have to entertain a teenager, but sometimes they might need a little direction. This is where you can help. Having a list of both outdoor and indoor activities for teens is a great way to open up their mind and imagination in ways they might have forgotten.

Let me give you a word of advice though, when it comes to parenting teens, even if your ideas are amazing, be prepared they may reject some at first.

Once you give them a little bit of time and space to get over their “teen attitude” they might just admit how good your suggestions actually are! 

When teens are bored, that can either lead to them being productive or possibly destructive (I’m sure you would rather have the first one). Being bored can create negative energy, so you want to make sure you have positive self esteem activities for teens to participate in.

Instead of them starting to feel depressed or unmotivated, teach your teen to take the initiative of getting creative and using their imagination a little, when it comes to finding something to do. 

This list will give your teen 50 great ideas for ways they can keep themselves, and their minds, busy when they feel stuck or like there is nothing at all to do. 

Deep down inside they’ll be thankful you’re helping, and who knows, they might even discover a new hobby or two. 

As you can see, there are so many great options for teenagers to find interesting things to do when they are bored. All they need is just a little encouragement to make it happen and maybe you’ll find them checking off most of the items on this list! 

If your teen is still dragging their feet and not wanting to do any of these fun activities in their free time, give them some space. Being bored is a feeling no one really likes so it’s not something teens will want to feel for an extended period of time. 

You can also use this list of fun things for teens to do as a way to get them to think outside the box. Sometimes a little nudge to be productive could be just what they need! 

These activities for teens are a great way to get their minds turning about all the fun things to do.

Even though teens might have the urge to leave the house and spend time with their friends, this is proof that they can have hours upon hours (or days upon days) of fun right in the comfort of, or near their own home! 

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