31 Free Educational Websites Parents Can Access While Schools Are Closed

Last updated: 03-19-2020

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31 Free Educational Websites Parents Can Access While Schools Are Closed

With a lot schools shutdown for the foreseeable future due to the coronavirus outbreak, many parents are finding themselves at home trying to juggle their jobs with raising their kids, which for now includes providing education as well. Although many teachers have sent home work so kids don't fall behind and some schools are conducting classes online, there are also a slew of free educational websites and apps at parents' disposals.

Challenge your kids' minds using the sites listed below that teach everything from chemistry to reading and comprehension skills. (And here's a list of fun indoor activities for play time, as well as a bunch of educational shows you can stream to fill your kids' days).

Parents with elementary-age students can access Backpack Sciences's free video series, which teaches kids hands-on science concepts.

Designed for little kids who are visual learners, Boardmaker offers free printable activities that are especially beneficial for children with special needs, such as Down syndrome or autism.

Parents can work with their school-aged kids to make their own books using Bookmaker's 90-day free tutorial, which lets kids write and illustrate their own creations.

BrainPop, a lesson-planning tool, is a great resource for parents of both big and little kids. It's chock-full of helpful resources that span topics like arts and music, English, science, and technology.

Whether you have a child in kindergarten or high school, Breakout EDU has a slew of educational games that touch on subjects like science, math, and language arts.

The folks over at Century are allowing parents to access all their resources for free over the next few weeks. Designed for students of all ages, kids can brush up on their math, science, and reading skills.

Babies and little kids up to age 6 can watch videos that include sing-alongs, beginner yoga, and story time thanks to Circletime Fun's interactive website.

The CK-12 Foundation caters to students of all ages. Always free, kids can brush up on their math, science, and reading skills with online reading passages, videos, and optional review questions that are graded at the end.

For those who don't have a paid account, Conjugemos offers some free vocabulary, grammar, listening activities and games in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Korean, and Latin for students at all levels.

Parents with kids in grades three through 12 can get access to Edu-Together videos that span all academic subjects, like languages, science, history, and math.

Dubbed the "leading library for kids 12 and under," Epic! gives parents access to 35,000 different books, videos, and quizzes.

Using Fluency Matters, learners of all ages can get access to 21 days of free, engaging content designed to increase their comprehension of foreign languages.

Kids between the ages of 7 and 12 can watch Good2Learn's instructional videos with a 14-day free trial. Each video lasts between two and five minutes and centers on either math or English concepts.

Children of middle school age and older can access more than 7,000 free videos across 13 subjects with Hippocampus. The best part? It's always free.

iCompute is giving students between the ages of 3 and 11 free access to its computing content for one month. Kids who are obsessed with all things STEM will absolutely love it!

Izzit is a free site that helps parents and educators teach kids of Kindergarten age or older a wide variety of subjects — including language arts, music, math, and world history — through digestible videos.

Parents who are facing school closures can get their school-age kids free access to Kids Discover Online's library of science and social studies materials for three full months.

The makers of the KINDEU app recently announced its library of 1,800 easy-to-follow videos designed for kids up to 4 years old is completely free.

Whether you have a child in pre-K or seventh grade, you can beat boredom and keep your learner's math skills sharp thanks to dozens of games that focus on everything from counting to algebra on Math Game Time's website.

Who says video games can't be educational? Minecraft: Education Edition is always free and teaches kids of all ages problem-solving, collaboration, and creativity.

Designed for kids in Kindergarten through fourth grade, the Mystery Science website recently made dozens of its lessons — which range from 15 to 90 minutes — completely free.

NASA Kids' Club helps children in pre-K through fourth grade learn the ins and outs of NASA's missions using hands-on educational games. There's also a "Now in Space" slideshow that introduces budding astronauts to the crew currently orbiting earth on the International Space Station.

National Geographic Kids has put together a site full of free educational videos, games, and activities that center on wildlife and preservation for kids of all ages.

Offering hundreds of classes in subjects ranging from fine arts to financial literacy, Nearpod is geared towards students in kindergarten through high school.

Parents of students who are in pre-K and beyond can easily search the PBS Learning Media site for content in across the subjects of science and math to language arts and more.

A curricular content hub created for students in grades Kindergarten through third, PebblesGo offers ready-made activities and literacy support for children of all abilities.

A music-based Spanish learning program, Rockalingua is a great option for young beginners in Spanish, thanks to its library of interactive videos. Think of it as an extension of the type of learning Dora the Explorer provides.

Using Seneca, younger kids can brush up on multiplication tables while the middle school set practices their pre-algebra skills. There are also Spanish and biology courses available, as well as classes for high schoolers.

Young musicians who want to stay sharp can practice reading music using Sight Reading Factory's free service through June 30.

Created for children 7 and up, the Typing Club offers free games and activities meant to improve your kiddo's typing skills.

A growing online library with guided reading options for students between the ages of 5 and 11, 2Simple Purple Mash also has materials for at-home learning for children between the ages of 2 and 5.

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