Why going to a nursery is vital for a child’s development

Why going to a nursery is vital for a child’s development

A positive and stable home life, coupled with a stimulating nursery environment, provides children the best start in life.

Decades of research has shown that the care, education and support that a child receives in the first few years of life has a significant impact on their wellbeing. When given opportunities to explore and interact through play, children will develop motor skills, speech and language skills, social skills and creative thinking much faster.

Good nurseries can improve a child’s emotional and social development, helping them to gain self-confidence and resilience. They learn skills such as sharing, listening and following instructions, which is essential preparation for school. Being cared for and encouraged away from the family home can also help children to become more independent.

The staff working in nursery settings, creches and children’s care services have a significant impact on each child’s development. On our Early Years and Childhood Studies Degree, students learn how to make the most of this responsibility.

Alongside research into child development, learning the factors that influence behaviour and understanding legislation, our students enjoy placements throughout their degree. Nothing can prepare our students better than putting theory into practice and interacting with both children and experienced play leaders.

While the University of Bolton develops our student’s skills, knowledge and experience, they do the same for the children in their care. Assessments in the nursery setting will contribute towards the achievement of the Early Years and Childhood Studies degree.

With both academic qualifications and practical experience, our Early Years and Childhood Studies graduates are strong candidates for roles in nurseries and as teaching assistants in primary schools. They also apply for family support services roles, for example, in speech and learning centres.

Our graduates also find that this course is also a good foundation for teacher training, nursing and social work. Are you ready to help shape futures through early years education?

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