Family Law Partners

Family Law Partners

Family Law Partners are a specialist firm dealing exclusively with family law in the South East, with offices in London, Brighton, Horsham, Hampshire, Essex and Kent. Its specialist team always look to work collaboratively with clients and fellow professionals to achieve the best outcome for clients and their families. The firm's willingness to provide and signpost to dispute resolution options (including arbitration) is in the “DNA” of all the team, as evidenced by the commitment the firm makes to train all legal advisors in DR disciplines.

With one of the largest teams of DR trained specialists in the country (presently offering nine mediators, twelve collaborative lawyers and an arbitrator) Family Law Partners are committed to helping clients find the best possible solutions, which means finding a resolution that is not just workable now but also in the future. It is one of the only firms to have a family consultant embedded full-time within the team.

In all Family Law Partners' work the firm look to ensure the client has the right team in place to support their needs.This may include specialist counsel, pension experts, financial experts, forensic accountants, counsellors and family consultants.

Divorce, judicial separation and dissolution: the firm's team of divorce solicitors are highly experienced and will work with the firm's clients to make an informed decision as to which option is appropriate and if so when it would be in their interests to start the process.

Mediation: Family Law Partners mediation team are all experienced family law specialist comprising Sarah Jelly, Jayne Llewelyn, Hazel Manktelow, Gemma Hope,Kate Elliott, Farhana Shahzady, Louise Buttery, Emily Pain, Hannah Viet, Alice Scambler and Sarah-Jane Riddell. As a wider team, the firm advise clients on how mediation can be used as an effective way of resolving family law issues, including arrangements for children.

Financial issues: Family Law Partners family solicitors are highly experienced in complex financial issues and approach their advice holistically and strategically to ensure cases are dealt with in the most appropriate, sensitive and cost-effective way. Family Law Partners aim to adopt a non-adversarial approach to resolving matters and encourage the use of mediation, round table meetings and the collaborative law model. Even when involved in litigation Family Law Partners remain issue focused to ensure the best outcome is achieved in the most cost-effective way.

Cohabitation: the firm look at all the issues that may impact their client and advise how to address these in the most appropriate, sensitive and cost-effective way. The firm aim to adopt a non-adversarial approach to resolving matters and encourage the use of family mediation, round table meetings and the collaborative law model. When cases require it the firm will litigate but the firm do so in a solution-focused way.

Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements: Family Law Partners prefer to facilitate pre-relationship agreements using round table meetings or the collaborative model if possible so there can be honest and open discussions, and issues can be explored and reality checked.

Children: Family Law Partners take a solution-focused approach to arrangements for children, involve third party support to improve communication and parenting differences and the firm work with Family Law Partners clients to find lasting outcomes.

Surrogacy: Family Law Partners specialist surrogacy team are experienced in advising on the different aspects of surrogacy.Family Law Partners help same-sex and heterosexual couples both married and unmarried and from diverse backgrounds and cultures. The firm can assist with surrogacy planning, parental order applications, surrogacy disputes, international surrogacy issues, immigration and British nationality for children born abroad.

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