All schools to be academies: What teachers need to know

All schools to be academies: What teachers need to know

Gavin Williamson has said the government's vision is for all schools to become part of multi academy trusts.

The education secretary has made a series of announcements today aimed at getting more schools to move into MATs.

Here is everything you need to know from Mr Williamson's speech at the Confederation of School Trust's annual conference today.

Williamson: Schools to get trial runs before joining academy trusts

Academies: Williamson wants 'far more schools' moving into MATs

Mr Williamson said that schools could "try before they buy" through a new process in which they form temporary partnerships with multi academy trustsin order to see the benefits.

He added: "I see no reason why every local authority-maintained school in the country shouldn’t consider taking up this opportunity as soon as possible, to put them in the best position to decide whether joining a specific trust is right for them."

He said STEP multi academy trust in South London and East Sussex is already using this approach.

The education secretary also said he wants schools rated as requires improvement by Ofsted in three consecutive inspections to be turned into academies.

He said he would like these schools to be moved into "strong multi academy trusts" and that it was "wrong" for schools to be in this position without action been taken.

Mr Williamson told the conference that more details on how this would be achieved will be announced in due course.

The DfE is putting £24m into its Trust Capacity Fund to help school trusts to take on more academies in 2021-22

Mr Williamson said: " We especially want to support strong trusts, and strong schools forming trusts, so that they are better able to take on underperforming schools in areas of high need."

The DfE launching a pilot programme, in partnership with the Church of England and the Catholic Church, to set up new church academy trusts, Mr Wiliamson revealed today.

He also said the department was working with the Catholic Education Service and their dioceses to set up a new turnaround trust to specifically support Catholic schools in need of intensive support.

Mr Williamson also said that guidance for multi academy trusts will be revised this year.

He added: "I am committed to see a system that brings the greatest benefits to the greatest numbers and to do this we need a clear regulatory framework that can support strong trusts. We also need to be able to address issues in the small number of cases where they arise.

"Providing clear guidance for trusts will support our vision for strong families of schools led by strong and effective governance and this year the academies financial Handbook will be updated to bring greater clarity to our guidance."

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