How AI Will Impact Talented Kids In The Future – Gifted Today

How AI Will Impact Talented Kids In The Future – Gifted Today

A new report titled “Artificial Intelligence and Life in 2030” explores the role of AI in various aspects of society and considers implications for our future. The full report is important to consider, but two sections are especially worth reading for talented kids, parents, and educators. The increasing personalization of learning due to intelligent systems and the skills likely required for jobs in an AI filled future are things talented kids can benefit from and will likely be well positioned for.

“While formal education will not disappear, the Study Panel believes that MOOC’s and other forms of online education will become part of learning at all levels, from K-12 through university, in a blended classroom experience. This development will facilitate more customizable approaches to learning, in which students can learn at their own pace using educational techniques that work best for them. Online education systems will learn as the students learn, supporting rapid advances in our understanding of the learning process. Learning analytics, in turn, will accelerate the development of tools for personalized education.”

Such intelligent systems may help talented students be able to move through education at their own pace, even if that pace is much faster than typical.

“AI will likely replace tasks rather than jobs in the near term, and will also create new kinds of jobs. But the new jobs that will emerge are harder to imagine in advance than the existing jobs that will likely be lost. Changes in employment usually happen gradually, often without a sharp transition, a trend likely to continue as AI slowly moves into the workplace. A spectrum of effects will emerge, ranging from small amounts of replacement or augmentation to complete replacement. For example, although most of a lawyer’s job is not yet automated, AI applied to legal information extraction and topic modeling has automated parts of first-year lawyers’ jobs.”

Certain aspects of human ingenuity are likely to remain valuable. Perhaps AI will amplify human talent in ways that creates interesting occupational possibilities.

The full report can be read here. What do you think we can do to best prepare talented students for our AI filled future?

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