5 ways managers can support education staff

Last updated: 11-25-2020

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5 ways managers can support education staff

Leading, motivating and supporting staff is a tricky proposition in the midst of a national crisis. Teachers and education staff throughout the sector are dealing with a wide range of issues.

In this short video ​our CEO Sinéad Mc Brearty outlines 5 ways that headteachers, school and college leaders and managers can best support teachers and education staff during the current coronavirus crisis. 

Here is quick summary of the 5 ways to support teachers and education staff for you to print out and reference.

This is normally clear for teachers and support staff but without a direct connection with students, it can become foggy:

We all like a sense of control but are ability to control events is low at this time. Managers needs to encourage staff to distinguish between what they can and can’t control: 

Education is a profoundly social profession and it's essential to have good collegiate relationships to promote teacher resilience and at this time it cannot be done in the usual way: 

Good mental health hygiene is important to keep everyone well at this time. Managers need to encourage staff take care of themselves and need to role model this behaviour:

This is a time for empathy. Getting through the day can be an achievement. You can best support our teachers and education staff by being human first and line managers second.  

Remember teachers & education staff who are feeling stressed or anxious during these uncertain times can get confidential emotional support from our free and confidential helpline: 08000 562561.  And anyone in education who is in financial distress, can apply to us for a grant.

We are here for you. We will listen. We can help.

If you’re in a position to help others in these extraordinary times, please consider making a donation so that we can continue to answer the increasing number of desperate calls and grants applications we are receiving. Thank you so much. 

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