What Are Educators Doing?

What Are Educators Doing?

Summers… they are usually a time to exhale, a time to rejuvenate, a time to focus on self-care,  a time to engage in meaningful professional learning, a time to reunite, and spend quality time with people you hold dear. In my family, summers are for birthday celebrations, attending sporting events, gathering with friends on the beach, and taking annual trips to Hershey Park or another fun crowd filled destination. And then there is the summer of 2020. A very different summer than any other. Actually, at times, it has been difficult for me to see when summer actually began. Since March 13th, the days have blended together and my learning and hunger for professional growth during these unprecedented times in history has only intensified. I have been relentlessly seeking meaningful opportunities to stretch my capacity for learning in ways I could have never imagined. And believe me, I did not think this was even possible, as historically I already live and breathe literacy and education. Since the organization and flow of a typical year have been interrupted by a global pandemic, I recognize that I may not be fully aware of what day or time it is, but I do know that I will continue to view these challenges as opportunities instead of obstacles. I will also continue to passionately pay attention to anything and everything that will benefit learners as we take a leap of faith into the upcoming school year. AsGeorge Courossays in his new#InnovatorsMindsetself-paced courseDeveloping the Innovator’s Mindset Through Remote, Face-to-Face, and Blended Learningwith regards to being an observant learner (1/8 characteristics of The Innovator’s Mindset) “When you look for things you start to find them… We must learn to make connections with the things we’re doing.” He goes on to ask this question,“How do we look for opportunities and how do we develop that in ourselves?”This is the mindset I am observing in great educators across the world. We areproactivelyseeking professional growth in pursuit of getting better. There is just no other choice, even if it is summer.

What Exactly are Educators Doing this Summer?

Despite my blurred sense of time, I can communicate with conviction and certainty what exactly it is that educators have been doing.This summer, do you know what educators are doing? They are consumed with thinking about the unknowns and the what-ifs and are doing their best to plan accordingly with that in mind. This summer, do you know what educators are doing? They are committed to thinking about ways to continue to connect with other educators and forge powerful relationships with students in unconventional learning environments.This summer, do you know what educators are doing? They have been lifting the level of their technology literacy, taking classes, and self-paced courses to prepare for the unknown school year.This summer, do you know what educators are doing? They are familiarizing themselves with various learning management systems so that they can seamlessly deliver effective instruction and meet the needs of all learners.This summer, do you know what educators are doing? They are participating in book clubs and are discussing innovative ways to honor traditional practices that have worked while bringing fresh ideas into physical and virtual learning spaces.This summer, do you know what educators are doing? They have been spending hours upon hours, meticulously curating relevant resources in digital spaces that are saturated with them. This summer, do you know what educators are doing? They have been leaning on colleagues, their PLN, and other go-to educators for ideas and inspiration for how to implement effective face-to-face, distance learning, and/ or hybrid learning plans. There’s more:This summereducators are honing their craft and sharing their learning with others.This summer educators are relentlessly listening to go-to podcasts, reading articles, and reading Elementary, Middle Level, and Young Adult books so that they can recommend new titles to colleagues and students. Do you know what educators are doing this summer? This summereducators are trying to prioritize time for self-care so they canapproachthe schoolyearwith renewed energy.This summereducators are deeply reflecting on what they should start, what they should stop, and what they should continue, all while keeping the students at the heart of the process. 

What Exactly are School Leaders Doing this Summer?

Do you know what school leaders have been doing?This summerschool leaders have been tirelessly working with committees involving various stakeholders in their educational communities to create plans for an unprecedented school year while keeping the students’ health, safety, and learning at the forefront of all decision making. Do you know what school leaders have been doing?This summerthey have been glued to computer screens, are in Zoom meetings, and in-person socially distant meetings while wearing masks. Do you know what are school leaders doing?This summerthey are figuring out ways to get devices into the hands of every single student… they are making sure that ALL students have proper connectivity so they can have equitable access to learning. Do you know what school leaders have been doing?This summerthey are measuring classrooms…yes, they are! They are making sure that there is enough space for students to learn in socially distant compliant, safe spaces. Do you know what school leaders have been doing?This summer they are fielding phone calls and questions from community members and families who are concerned about school reopening plans, safety, and the learning that will take place for their children. Do you know what school leaders have been doing?This summer,they are making sure that teachers and staff feel safe to return to work and are busy providing resources and meaningful learning experiences that will support learning in physical and virtual environments. Do you know what school leaders have been doing?This summer,they have been trying to fit in time for self-care and squeezing in time to spend with loved ones.

Future Ready Schools has shared powerful podcasts titled Leading Through Unprecedented Times that highlight various school leaders from across the country. Each podcast is facilitated by Thomas C. Murray (Director of Innovation) and features school leaders who share their insight, knowledge, and experiences with leading during this challenging time in history.

Some Other Thoughts About What Educators are Doing

This summereducators are agonizing over the hurtful and mean spirited comments chastising educators all over social media.This summereducators are concerned about the misinformation and the virtual pounding they have received from people who are not in education and cannot comprehend that education is a calling (an extension of who you are vs. a job you do).This summer educators are thinking that they want families to know that they will do the very best they can because they deeply care about all learners. This summer, educators are thinking about how important it will be to continue to cultivate strong relationships and continuous communication between school districts and families because there is nothing more important than working together, especially during challenging times!This summer, educators are hopeful. They are hopeful because they know that when the dust settles, we will be better for it. We will have learned new teaching and learning practices, more effective ways to communicate, connect, and collaborate within the educational communities we serve.

Before listing some of the beneficial learning experiences I have had this summer, along with some of my favorite resources, I am going to challenge you by taking a page out ofAdam WelcomeandRae Hughart’snew bookTeachers Deserve It: What You Deserve. Why You Don’t Have It, And How You Can Get It.


What Have I Been Learning this Summer?

Here is a list of learning I have done this summer! If I didn’t highly recommend it, I wouldn’t share it! Enjoy! 

*Click on each book to purchase the titles on Amazon!

So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo 

We Want to Do More Than Survive by Bettina L. Love

Teachers Deserve It: What You Deserve. Why You Don’t Have It, And How You Can Get It. by Adam Welcome and Rae Hughart