The Secret Revealed: How to Create Happy Kids

The Secret Revealed: How to Create Happy Kids

Happiness is a mindset and one that I want to instill in Erin. It’s so easy to get sucked into believing that your happiness depends on others, when in fact we need to do what we can to make ourselves happy. My friends have created the most wonderful book full of practical ideas to create your own happiness. It offers the secret to happy kids

Erin has been dipping in and out since we received our copy and is totally engrossed. So far we’ve had discussions about kindness and who has changed the world. Rosa Parks was Erin’s first thought and I love that she chose a strong female.

If your tween or teen struggles to maintain happy thoughts it could well be worth looking at some of the activities in the book to see if they can help your little one find that inner happiness. Happy kids can be developed and encouraged if they are given the right tools. This post on how to help kids be happy is an invaluable source.

I am a firm believer in the law of attraction and people often tell me that I am lucky. I am lucky but I honestly believe that I manifest this by the way I live my life. I have chosen to focus on positivity and try to encourage that in the people that I come into contact with.

Each day I am grateful for what I have and say thank you to those who provide it. I know that I have to make changes to continue on this journey. I take responsibility for me and for my happiness and well being. Right now this means that I have been focussing on my health and wellbeing.

The book, which you can buy in Amazon or bookshops will provide plenty of opportunities for your child to develop their inner happiness. There are chapters and activities on many things that will encourage happy kids.

Becky challenged Erin to become a Happiness Philosopher and we were prompted to have some discussions regarding kindness and changing the world. The section then explains why it is important to ask the big questions. Did you know research found that children who learn philosophy have better communication skills, plus better resilience and empathy?  All skills that I really want Erin to pick up and develop during this phase of her development.

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