Coronavirus (COVID-19): organised activities for children from 5 January 2021

Coronavirus (COVID-19): organised activities for children from 5 January 2021

Due to the rising number of infections and increased transmissibility risks the First Ministers’ announcement on 4th January to further tighten restrictions in Level 4 areas, this supplementary guidance has been produced to set out the key changes for organised activities and parent/baby/toddler groups at Level 4 only. These come into effect from the 5th January.

This supplementary guidance is only for areas that are in Level 4. You should continue to refer to the previous organised activities for children and young people guidance for the detail on considerations and mitigations required.

If you are at Level 3 or below, then you should continue to use the existing guidance to determine what is still permitted at each Level and for considerations and mitigations for your services.

At Level 4, outdoor organised activities for children aged 12-17, that do not fall under any other guidance, are not permitted at this time unless the group contains no more than 2 people from two different households, including the facilitator/service provider.  These could continue through other means eg. digital.

At Level 4, outdoor organised activities for under 12s can continue where there are no more than 2 adults at any one time and the overall group size, including facilitators, is no more than 15. This permitted where the work cannot be carried out by working at home and the gathering restrictions for this age group.

At Level 4 Parent/baby and toddler groups, where parents are expected to attend can continue outdoors where there are no more than 7 adults present at any one time and the group is for children under 5. Facilitators are included in the adult numbers. There is no restriction on the number of under 5s who can attend these groups.

This guidance is for organised unregulated activities and services provided outdoors for children, including babies and toddlers, that are voluntary, third sector, parent or peer led or unregulated private providers delivering a service or activity directly to children and young people at Level 4 only. 

This guidance is to assist those delivering supervised activities and services for children and young people, babies and toddlers, where parents remain present during the activity to aid child interaction, where that service can be safely delivered outdoors and where it is appropriate to do so, at Level 4.

The guidance is not an instruction for all services and activities to continue at this time, since this will be based on individual risk assessments and ability to comply with the requirements that need to be met and whether other delivery options are more suitable e.g. digital.

This guidance is not for regulated childcare settings which are registered with the Care Inspectorate or other registration body. Those services should consult guidance for early learning and childcare, school age childcare, fully outdoor or childminding services.

It sets out our expectations for organisations and individuals that do not fall within the sectors that guidance is currently available for.

Organisations and service providers need to consider mitigations to ensure workplaces are safe and the transmission of the virus is minimised for both paid staff and volunteers.

It will be up to each organisation or individual to assess whether this guidance applies to their activity and what additional guidance they may need to refer to, to ensure that activity is of sufficiently low risk to undertake at this time.

Where the activity you deliver is related to a private business, such as a private tutor, then the regulations for businesses must be read in conjunction with this guidance. COVID-19 guidance on small and micro businesses.

Where an activity is classed as youth work, COVID-19 guidance on youthwork has been developed.

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